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Each month we host community live streams and weekly virtual meetups for the security awareness community - we're excited to highlight the professionals who've generously shared their insights with us.

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Dennis Legori

Associate Director for Security Awareness & Digital Communications 

Topic: "Evolving With Security Awareness in 2024"

Dennis' innovative approach to building a positive security culture has led to a massive growth of Enterprise Defenders and increased reporting of phishing and ransomware attacks. With a background in cybersecurity since 2013, he brings a unique blend of business and security expertise to Carrier as well as his own entreprenuer-like problem solving and new concepts.

Ava Woods-Fleegal

Global Security Awareness Leader, MBA, SSAP, Prosci®, CISSP

Topic: Communicating the Value of Your Security Awareness Program

Ava Woods-Fleegal brings her expertise from working as a security awareness leader across industries including defense, tech, finance in companies ranging from 5,000-200K globally. She's experienced in developing and scaling positive awareness training programs to help drive behavior change and nurture a strong security culture mindset. 

Alexandra Panaretos, CSAP, SSAP

Cybersecurity Risk Specialist

Topic: The Game of Managing Human Risk

Alexandra has worked in the human cyber risk space for the last 13 years and has successfully implemented executive personal security, operational security planning, insider threat and incident response programs, and security awareness, communication, and education strategies for Fortune 50/100 companies and other global enterprises.

James Linton

Email Security Awareness Speaker, Social Engineer

Topic: AI Tools & Phishing Threats: What's All the Hype?

James joins us to look at the hype around AI tools and phishing attacks as well as potential threats and challenges that businesses and individuals face. He is a former Social Engineer, known as the Email Prankster who hacked the Whitehouse and has since become an email security awareness advocate and speaker.

Heather Noggle

Cybersecurity Advocate

Topic: "Making Security Awareness Approachable"

Heather Noggle shares some of her insights learned over her 25+ years of translating between English and Tech as an IT, cybersecurity, and people professional...

Alethe Denis

Security Consultant at Bishop Fox

Topic: "Security Awareness Training Is Not Enough"

Alethe Denis is a Senior Security Consultant at Bishop Fox and is well-known for winning the social engineering Capture the Flag at DefCon in 2019. She recently presented training to the United States Army Special Operations Command on social engineering and has presented numerous security awareness trainings to organizations across 

Nadine Michaelides

CEO of Anima People, Security and Crime Psychologist

Topic: "Evaluating Security Awareness Programs"

Nadine has worked with security services, the police and prison service in the UK, as well as the European Union of Cybersecurity (ENISA) in Europe and is currently running a project to evaluate the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness campaigns...

Mike Ouwerkerk

Cyber Security Awareness Trainer & Cultural Transformation Consultant

Topic: "Are Humans Really the Weakest Link?"

Mike Ouwerkerk is the founder of Web Safe Staff, an IT Security Awareness Training service based in Australia...

Nandita Bery

Security Researcher, Trainer, & Author

Topic: "Creating a Security Awareness Ambassador Program"

Nandita builds best in class security awareness and training programs to establish a global culture of security for both technical and end user communities...

Nadja El Fertasi

Founder, Thrive with EQ

Topic: "Building Healthy Security Cultures"

Nadja lead a consultancy that helps organizations build digital emotional intelligence and resiliency...

Uriel Kosayev

Security Researcher, Trainer, & Author

Topic: "Phishing Training: Security Awareness From An Attacker’s POV"

Uriel Kosayev is an experienced security researcher, trainer, and author of the Antivirus Bypass Techniques. He walks us through the elements of a phish from an attacker's point of view for an engaging discussion to consider it from the perspective of security awareness training.

Amy Dearwester

Associate Director of Information Security & Innovation

Topic: "Undermining Security Awareness"

Amy brings a unique perspective to the security industry from her varied roles in different sectors from roles in IT to security with a primary focus on the Security Champions initiative.

Lisa Plaggemier

Executive Director at National Cyber Security Alliance

Topic: "No More Hackers In Hoodies"

Lisa is the Executive Director at the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a non-profit that was established in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and the co-founders of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Her creativity as a Marketing and Strategy Executive and brings a fresh, unconventional approach to the security realm...

Dr. Alexander Stein

Founder and Managing Principal, Dolus Advisors

Topic: "Reframing Awareness for Leadership"

Alexander Stein, PhD, shared his insights with our community from his extensive work as a psychoanalyst whose expertise in human decision-making and behavior has been sought after by executives, founders, and directors on topics of leadership, culture, governance, ethics, risk, and more.

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