Security Awareness Training PPT -  PowerPoint Presentation

If you are looking for best security awareness training presentation (Powerpoint PPT, Google Slide or PDF) look no further - we have you covered! :) Not only this is a great powerpoint presentation, it's also short and to the point with only 25 slides including the cover and summary slides. But don't let this short security awareness for employees powerpoint fool you - it includes all the security awareness basics and a bit more.

This Security Awareness Powerpoint Covers The Following Topics

  • What is phishing vs spear phishing
  • What is smishing, vishing and QR Code phishing
  • What is Google Search Phishing 
  • 7 Examples of phishing scams including screenshot 
  • Social Media Scams and how to identify fake accounts
  • How to protect yourself from phishing attacks
  • How to create and manage strong passwords 
  • What is Multi Factor Authentication and which to use
  • How to avoid getting hacked on public Wifi
  • What is Ransomware and how to avoid it
  • How to use USB Safely
  • What is Wire Fraud (CEO Fraud) and how to avoid it

Security Awareness Training Powerpoint Preview 


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Security Awareness Downloadable Cheat Sheet PDF

Finally, you download and share with your employees this quick security awareness cheat sheet. This is a great PDF that they can use on the go or when they want to recall something without having to go over the entire training.

security awareness training pdf cheat sheet