Your Security Awareness Training
Fully Managed by Us!

Empower Your Security Culture with Wizer

Wizer Managed Supports You To:

  Create a security culture in your organization

Wizer’s managed offering goes beyond compliance. We empower a security culture in your organization and drive high engagement so your employees will be delighted to complete security awareness training and become security ambassadors at home.

  Save valuable time and money

Avoid the need to hire and train someone in-house to manage your security awareness program. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle it all for you, at a fraction of the cost.

  Reduce operational overhead

Our experts will manage everything from user management to training and custom phishing simulations to reports - ensuring your team is always aware of the latest
cybersecurity threats.

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The Comprehensive Service Includes:


Expert Security Awareness Manager

We serve as your security awareness manager, overseeing all aspects of your organization’s security awareness program on a part-time basis, including:

  • Security Awareness Video Training: Our team will curate a continuous annual video training program based on best practices in your industry and launch campaigns to educate your employees about the latest security threats and meet compliance requirements.

  • Policy Management: Wizer will assist you in adding policy forms and sending them to users for review and acceptance, ensuring that everyone is aware of the protocols and guidelines in place to keep your organization secure.

  • Whitelisting and Simulation Configuration: Our team will assist with whitelisting and phishing simulation configuration as well as user management, ensuring that everything is set up correctly and ready to go.

  • Family Safety Monthly Updates: On a monthly basis, we will provide your employees with valuable cyber safety tips for the entire family to learn and practice safe online habits. Our experts will work with you to prioritize training that aligns with your goals and initiatives.

  • Our advisors will be available to support you whenever questions
    or new requests come up, so you always have a reliable source
    of support and guidance when you need it.
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Operations and Management


We run everything for you so you can have peace of mind.

  • User Management: Our team will help you manage your user accounts, including continuous adding, deleting, and disabling users and departments/groups as needed as well as provisioning users from identity providers into Wizer.

  • Progress Reports: Each month, we’ll provide you with comprehensive reports on the progress of your employees’ security awareness, including completion and phishing stats, feedback, and more.
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We'll manage the security training,
you manage your business.

Train your employees on best practices for stronger online safety, manage policies,  address compliance requirements and more without breaking the bank and let Wizer manage the details.