Back To The Basics: Risk Management and Governance

Wed, Jan 26, 2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST


Hosted By Wizer's Founder
Gabriel Friedlander

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How to Launch Your Cyber Security Startup

First, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone and enter your courage zone. This process is uncomfortable, so prepare your mind. It’s similar to working out, it hurts while doing it but eventually you’ll build muscle or endurance. 

Entrepreneurship is a life journey, not a lottery ticket. It’s not like you have only one chance. You may fail the first time or even multiple times, but if you learn from your mistakes you will eventually succeed. Don’t give up!

PII - What's the Big Deal?

There is a lot of concern surrounding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and data transfer. We live our lives in the digital world and so much of our information is out there with the places we interact with. On the outside, we don’t really think about where our data is going, how it is stored, and whether or not it will be shared let alone is it safe….We simply conduct our transactions and that’s the end of it….until something bad happens.

The IOT Security Wakeup Call You Forgot to Set Up

Whether they are autonomous or need to be engaged with, billions of devices are out in the world, connected to the internet, doing something. Are these devices here to help us, hurt us, or both?

DeepFake...What's Real and What are the Consequences?

You can download an app on your phone and change voices and faces in videos. Seems like harmless fun on the outside and for most people, it is. But, can it be dangerous? Yes, and the implications are tremendous as we are creating more data every day than we ever have before. 

What is Zero Trust?

Our panelists included people in the field as well as the creator of Zero Trust, John Kindervag. We unpacked a lot to get back to the basics on Zero Trust, what it is, and how the definition of it has been taken and transformed over the years by the marketing and security worlds.

Measuring Success

We all talk about what we’re doing at our companies and how we are driving them forward. How do we measure success and how do we actually define it? More importantly, how can we communicate it?

Becoming a CISO - Women's Edition

The CISO seems to be the one at the pointy end and under scrutiny whenever the ship goes down. Is it really worth it? You’ll have to decide for yourself. We’ve assembled the brightest and best Women in tech to help you do just that.

Who are these CISOs you speak of?
CISOs love to fix things. Having that passion bridges the gap in a love/hate relationship. Just ask any CISO! The CISOs of the world have mostly been men but women have scraped their way into the role and guess what? Turns out they are pretty damn good at it!

You've Been Hit with Ransomware...Now What?

You get into the office with your hot cup of coffee and you sit down at your desk ready to start the day and the unthinkable happens. You’ve been hit with ransomware. What do you do? Ignore it? Pay it? Call in reinforcements? Will anything you do make a difference?

Our panelists discussed the answers to these questions and much more. First thing first...Don’t panic! 

What is Offensive Security?

Given that technology, security, and attacks are constantly in the news, there’s no wonder that there is a high level of interest in the realm of Offensive Security, however it’s more than just breaking into things for fun or profit and it’s a more complex and broad subject than simply sitting behind a keyboard, running reports, and thinking you are your chosen deity's greatest gift to the technology industry.

Breaking Into Cyber Security

Ask a few different Cyber Security professionals how they got into the field and get a few different answers. 

Getting into this field is challenging. There is no one stop shop for any cyber security career. It is an industry that evolves at the speed of light and when it all comes down to it, you have to craft your own path forward...So…

To Phish or Not to Phish

Before you hit the GO button on your phishing simulation, there are a few things you should probably consider. Our panelists along with Chris Roberts had a great discussion on phishing simulations, how to approach them, and their unintended consequences.

When Your Faith is Turned Against You

Religious fraud and scams have been around for thousands of years. Technology is always changing the threat landscape which means that religious scams have also changed. So what are they, what can we do to avoid them, and what should we do if we become a victim of one.

Policies, Policies Everywhere!

Policy is defined by culture.
We’ve all rolled our eyes whether our part has been to read, write, or accept a policy. What we’ve been doing for the most part, is no longer working for businesses and their employees. It’s time to change and market our business rules so that they are actually adhered to and work!

Is Online Shopping Safe?

The holidays are fast approaching and shopping online has never been more popular, especially with the pandemic. Scammers are alive and well so while you’re sitting around the dinner table with your loved ones, have a conversation about online shopping safety. It’s a life skill.

Your Partners' Risks Are Your Risks

Welcome to the world of risks outside of your direct control. Specifically, the risks we associate with our suppliers and 3rd parties. In this last year alone, we’ve seen numerous instances where supply chains failed (from toilet paper, to the number of computers available, to a now dispersed and remote workforce.) We’ve seen 3rd parties fail to effectively and adequately manage their risk profiles to the detriment of their clients. (think of all those hotels, online conference companies etc.)

I Got Scammed

They’re out there and they’ve targeted everyone, even the most seasoned technology professionals...Scams. 

We had a discussion on scams and how businesses should incorporate cyber security training not only to keep up with rapidly evolving technology, but to start making training more personal.

You Can't Handle the Truth!

I can’t tell what the truth is anymore... seriously. Facts have become personalized. So, how can anyone tell what’s true and what not? This is the topic of our next webinar.

Unfortunately, the age of information has quickly become the age of misinformation. We have some amazing speakers and are going to talk about:

How to fact check
Do I need to fact check everything?!
Who can we trust?
How is misinformation being weaponized?
How to fight our own biases
Is misinformation here to stay?
What can we do about it ?
What’s the role of technology?

Is Insider Threat only a BIG company problem?

When we talk about Insider Threats, most people think that some angry employee is out to do harm to a company but there is so much more to it than that.

We had another wonderful discussion with top technology experts to talk about Insider Threats, what it means, the risks involved, and how training and company culture play an important role in reducing risks.

Unfortunately, very little is done to help mitigate the risks of Insider Threats...until something really bad happens.

What Do I Do With Nothing?

What do you do when you’ve gone to the well and it’s dry? OR the cupboard, and it’s empty OR you’ve sat down with the business owner and they’ve simply not accounted for, budget for OR even thought about spending anything at all on security?

We talked about all of this and more! Take a listen for some great advice on how to start your security strategy with little to no budget!

Back to School...Online

What will back to school look like this year? Well, we know there will be a TON of hand sanitizer and face masks in classrooms for in-person classes but what about the kids that will be Learning from Home?

We talked to experts and parents to learn how to juggle remote learning and the household while staying safe online!

Security Awareness: Where Have We Gone Wrong?

We talk with different audiences and businesses all the time. How can we engage with everyone in the street? How do we get them interested and excited about cyber security? Is it even possible? 

Outsourcing Security...The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Pugly!

Many small and medium companies don’t have a dedicated IT resource full time, let alone a security engineer or three looking at the logs 24*7. So, what do they do? (aside from ignore the issue and hope it goes away) They outsource or contract the work to a 3rd party individual or organization that takes care of them…OR should be if only BOTH parties knew what was expected of each other!

Is Cyber Insurance Worth It?

This webinar is a NO-SALES/NO-NONSENSE deep dive into cyber insurance. We have a lawyer, underwriters, forensic expert, carrier, and a hacker. We asked the hard questions and figured out who needs insurance, who doesn’t, what’s covered, what’s not covered, and what to expect in case of a claim. This is a unique opportunity to learn!

Security and Development Bedfellows…

Developers suck, Operators just push buttons and Security always says no. We’ve NOT been great at working together yet we’re all working for the same team, so let’s collaborate and act like it. 

Internet Safety for Kids

Experts in the field who are passionate about online safety came together to discuss online safety and create a Kids Security Awareness site packed with tips and resources to help you and your kids navigate a safer digital world.

Why DOES a Nation State want to hack MY company

Economic security is national security - wars are not only fought on the battle field, they moved to Wall Street and Main Street. If you have money, power, and resources, these are the same things nation states like to collect. 

What We Need to do to Provide Safe and Secure Digital Healthcare?

Find out what happens when hacker, Chris Roberts and several healthcare technology professionals are put in the same room to discuss safe and secure digital healthcare.

How Government is Supporting Secure Teleworking

An amazing panel of Government CISO, CIO, and Risk Counsel leaders discussing what they learned so far about supporting the work from home environment. Moderated by the amazing Chris Roberts!

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