Cyber Security Awareness Training For Employees

Training employees on cyber security shouldn’t be boring! Use the power of short stories to make security awareness training relatable and memorable.

And best of all, you can start free cyber security training and upgrade later.

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The Information Security Awareness Training Video Library

With over 200 short-form videos on cybersecurity awareness for employees, we’ve got you covered.

Choose from our pre-designed courses or customize your own training series from our video library to match your team's needs.

Every video starts with an emotional hook that captures attention, followed by a relatable story that makes people go - “Aha!” Best of all, we keep the library fresh every week to keep training staff on cybersecurity relevant!


Video Formats

Training employees on cyber security requires creativity. We are constantly creating and experimenting with new formats to enhance learning. 

We use whiteboard animation for explaining concepts - people love these animations, and they are easy to follow and, may we dare say,
entertaining. 😀


Wizer Stories use mini-documentaries to share real-life stories of victims. This format is very engaging and relatable. After all, who doesn't love a good story? 

These one-minute shorts reveal the psychology behind the scam, why people click, how it can happen to anyone, and tips to avoid similar attacks.


Our Show and Tell format walks you through a scam in real-time to learn what’s happening off-screen, why these attacks are so effective as well as ways to protect against them. This is a great way for training staff on methodologies behind different scams to have the skills to identify variations of them in the future.


Employee Security Awareness Training Topics

      We cover a wide range of topics:

  • Cyber Security Awareness Basics
  • Ransomware
  • GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, DEI and other Compliance Training
  • IT Administrators 
  • Work from Home
  • Financial Services Security Awareness
  • Advanced Phishing Training
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Online Safety Tips for Families
  • And More!
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Custom Security Awareness Training

Our plug-n-play courses get you started fast - but, you may need something more customized to your unique business risks.

That’s why with Wizer Boost you can do just that - build your own custom information cyber security training course or upload your original videos. It's easy to start from scratch or customize one of our existing cyber security training campaigns for your business risk needs.



No one likes to nudge others… that's why we do it for you. We automatically send your team reminders to complete their cybersecurity training as well as send department managers weekly reports of their team’s progress.

Once employees complete their cybersecurity awareness training, they get a certificate.

Our detailed dashboard includes who has completed training, who is still in progress, and who hasn't started yet.

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New Security Awareness Videos Every Month

Scammers are evolving and developing new tricks all the time. Employee Information security awareness training also needs to constantly evolve. We keep an eye on what's happening and are quick to create videos to warn your team about these scams.


Sharing with Friends

They say sharing is caring, so why not spread awareness beyond the organization. Now each employee can become a security ambassador at home - from a student to a teacher. We made it easy for anyone to share any Wizer videos with their friends and family. You will be surprised by how many people share these videos. This helps develop a true security culture - because security starts at home.

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Language Packages

We know that not everyone in the world speaks English. Actually, most people don't speak English… that is why we’ve translated many of our information security training for employees to other languages (Voice + Subtitles!) including:

  • Hebrew
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Italian

And we’re constantly working on translating to other languages.



Wizer is amazing as a standalone LMS that allows you to customize your online security awareness training to your needs but we understand that some organizations already have their own LMS and prefer to just have access to our videos inside your existing LMS. So we made this easy. Download our security awareness videos as SCORM Packages and import into your own LMS, plus, it's 508 compliant.

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Security Awareness Gamification

For those who love a bit of competition, we added a race against the clock. What does that mean? Using small game-like features learners are motivated to finish training before the set deadline. Doing so earns them a golden certificate instead of a blue one as well as bragging rights they can share with friends. A Diamond certificate is in the works for those who opted-in for bonus security training. These game-like features are optional for each person.

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Security Awareness Feedback Loop

Cyber security awareness training for employees shouldn’t be a one way street, that’s why we made it two-way. Each time someone finishes training, they get the opportunity to share what they think. Did it help them? Was it clear? What else do they want to know? This feedback loop will not only make your security awareness program so much better but will allow your team to share insights. Over 60K people have left reviews on our trainings, so far proving if you give people a mic, many have something to say. :)

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Whether we like them or not, quizzes are necessary to check if people remember what they learned. Our quizzes are interactive and are spread throughout the training after each section. However, you can also create your own easily and quickly. A report is also included of which questions people fail most so that you can fine-tune your security awareness training program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Wizer's Cyber Security Awareness Training different?
With a mix of micro-content styles we ensure there is something available for different learning styles - from whiteboard animation to mini-documentaries dramatizing real-life scams (aka Wizer Stories) to our “Show and Tell” format that walks you through a scam in real time.As a result, employees get training that is engaging, to-the-point, relevant and memorable.What you get are happier participants who are better informed and more aware for a stronger security posture overall for your business.
How can Wizer help train employees on cybersecurity?
On top of our engaging content that actually trains employees, our intuitive admin panel and easy automation saves you time managing it and provides easy reporting features to help you assess and communicate impact.
How do you schedule training?
Scheduling a training is quick and easy with our ready-to-go training video library. Select and open the pre-set training you wish to run. Inside the view for the panel choose “Setup Training”. From there go through the scheduler to choose: time period in which users must complete the training, which groups or departments will be assigned the training, frequency of email reminders, and the start date to launch the campaign. Once all the details are determined, click “Start Campaign” and you’re good to go! Prefer customized training? You can create that, too!
How often is the video training library updated?
New videos are uploaded every month to keep training relevant and timely with current trends in scams and seasons.