GDPR Security Awareness Training For Employees

Keep training for employees on GDPR regulations simple with Wizer’s short, 1-minute explanations that are clear and to-the-point.

5 keys about our GDPR training course

Our basic GDPR training helps you educate your employees in 5 key areas. In less than 10 minutes they will learn the European Union’s new data protection law relevant to them. With our video training, they’ll understand:

  • What is GDPR
  • Basics of GDPR’s key definitions and terminology
  • How to respond to a data breach under the GDPR requirements
  • Six principles of GDPR that employees need to know
  • Marketing and sales requirements within the GDPR context

At the completion of the training, employees will take a short quiz to check their understanding. But Wizer doesn’t stop there. Level-up your compliance training with 

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Detailed Reporting image
Detailed Reporting To Show GDPR Compliance
Our auto-generated reports let you give visibility to auditors to demonstrate compliance in just a few clicks.
Standalone Learning Management System To Easily Implement Your GDPR Training
Automate enrollment, create custom trainings, and more with our learning management system. Have your own LMS? Our training videos are SCORM compliant to integrate with your existing solution.
Standalone LMS
Customizable image

Customizable Content To Tailor GDPR Training For Your Organization

For GDPR training specific to your organization, create custom content and build your own training or revise our existing preset series to keep messaging relevant. 

Ready to get started with compliance training that makes an impact without causing a headache?

Wizer Offers Compliance Training for:

As leaders in micro-learning content, we make the employee training short, 
effective, and enjoyable, no matter the topic.