The Ultimate Managed Security
Awareness Solution

Wizer’s approach is the perfect opportunity maker for MSPs like you. With a Security Awareness Training solution designed for MSPs, you can easily seed the market, giving you the chance to land and expand, generating more revenue.

Wizer’s solution saves your organization time and money by reducing operational overhead. So, seize this opportunity to grow your business with Wizer.

With Wizer for MSPs You Will:

Unlock Growth

A culture of security awareness drives openness to more security solutions across multiple stakeholders.

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Increase Revenue

With Wizer’s MSP business model you now have the opportunity to increase revenue by offering security awareness that was unaffordable.

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Save Money

Our business model is designed for scale so you can manage your costs taking into account your customers’ holistic IT and Security needs.

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Cut Operational Costs

With management capabilities that are designed for MSPs such as simplified onboarding and management of multiple customers.

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Wizer for Managed Security Providers

Provide security awareness training and phishing simulations to MSPs with large numbers of customers, taking into consideration the unique onboarding, management and reporting needs of MSPs, so your customers can meet their needs when it comes to security awareness for cyber insurance and regulatory requirements.

Wizer for Managed Security Providers
Security Training That Doesn’t Suck

Security Training That Doesn't Suck

Wizer is easy to use, and so engaging that your customer’s employees will even finish early so you’ll always stay compliant.

Content is continuously updated to keep up with the latest threats. Plus, it’s designed to be easily understood and interesting enough that your customers will want to keep
learning. It’s so good your customers will share it with their friends and family!

Easy Onboarding and Management

COMING SOON! It's in the works and very soon we'll be bringing even more to our MSP management capabilities - you will be able to simplify adding new customers, creating users, creating phishing simulation campaigns, and allocating training modules in one go!

No more spending hours on individual customer setups. Finish everything at once and save precious time and effort.

Easy Onboarding and Management
Intelligence At Your Fingertips

Intelligence At Your Fingertips

Our dashboard provides an overview of your customers’ progress toward training goals with automated reports, reminders, and gamification to motivate completion.

It also has a review and feedback feature to increase employee engagement. Stay on top of training progress and meet regulatory requirements with ease.

Wizer Management Your Way

We know that every organization is unique and has its own needs. That's why we created the Wizer MSP API - so you can easily access and use our data to build your own custom dashboard and reporting. This way, you manage your security awareness insights in a way that works best for you.

Call the shots and do things your way.


A Comprehensive, Hassle-Free Solution for MSPs

Provide managed security awareness services to your clients with a variety of features designed to motivate customers’ employees and streamline management.