Phishing Response Game For Security Awareness Training

An interactive phishing exercise immerses your team in the world of business email compromise and wire fraud in a safe and non-threatening space training them beyond anything a basic phishing simulation can do.

What's Inside?

30+ Phishing Templates Imitating Those Hard-To-Simulate Phishing Scams

Such as Vendor Invoice change requests, Slack email notifications, gift card requests and more. The learner will be challenged with 10 random templates keeping the session short and engaging. 

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Interactive response options beyond the standard “Legit” or “Phish” answers.

Challenge your employees to choose a course of action that fits the situation, encouraging them towards positive security habits beyond simple awareness.

There are 4 possible responses:

  • Call & Verify
  • Check Official App
  • Report Phishing
  • Looks Legit

Each answer comes with a short explanation why that response may or may not be ideal for that specific situation.

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Guided tour on what may or may not be phishing red flags and why.

Similar to a guided tour for a new app, our short walk-through explanations help provide deeper understanding of phishing tactics so your team is better equipped to apply the knowledge to different real-life situations.

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