Wizer's Wall of Love

Startups, small businesses, government organizations, big companies, and more love the great content and easy-to-use security awareness training platform. Whether just appreciating our content on social media, paid clients, or free users, everyone wins with Wizer - thanks for all the love!

Ted Bardusch

November 2023

I'll echo Chris Roberts' comments - Wizer is fun, effective, cool, and easy to administer. I've used them in three startups prior to my current roles as an Interim type, where I introduce Wizer as well.

Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training does short, topical, engaging videos that capture the TikTok generation where so many desktop and web based systems don't.

The highest compliment: I hear hallway, lunchroom, and off-duty discussions mentioning the Wizer training points. Their training embeds and effects change.

Oh, and Gabriel Friedlander and Rich M. are great too!

November 2023

Holly Knowles

November 2023

Hi Joey! I have hands-on experience with Proofpoint, SANS, Cofense, and KB4, but I've also demo'd and had eyes on some lesser known, cool products as well. Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training and Cipher are both up and coming players.

November 2023

Paweł Polewicz

Reef Executive Assistance

I was one of the first users of https://wizer-training.com

In the end it's not about checking box "we have training", but about participation and getting the point across.

I have put all my staff through it, all my clients and all staff of their companies too. If there are issues with the training (some advice gets outdated or something), they fix those rapidly, the courses are quick and engaging. There's been like a hundred people we've put through it and practically nobody complained.

Did I mention it's FREE?

Some more specialized training (HIPAA, GDPR) can be paid, they also have phising drills and coding excercises if you'd like something extra, but very affordable.

November 2023

Shawnee Delaney

CEO, Vaillance Group | Keynote Speaker and Expert on Cybersecurity, Insider Threat & Counterintelligence

Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training is just the best!!

September 2023

Anastasia Edwards

Human Risk Analyst and Program Engineer | Cybersecurity Awareness 😎 Agent | Human 🔥wall Master Builder | Insider Threat Miti-🐊

Wizer has always been AWESOME! Good stuff! Thank you for sharing!

September 2023

Leead Dereh Drake

Information Technology Professional | Professional Photographer

It's so important to be aware of the everyday threats to all of us in our business and personal lives.
I love the way Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training implement these short to the point videos.

June 2023

Debra Samuel

Professional, friendly, affordable IT Support for Solopreneurs, Micro Businesses and StartUps

Been watching you since very early on in your story. I have loved your content and your attitude to cyber security. A big heads up to everyone who looks to cyber security as a way to educate the world rather than a tool to fleece people of their hard earned cash!

June 2023

Samantha Alford

GDPR Consultant, DPO and Lead Author of "Building Regulations in Brief" 10th Edition...

Me too Phil - Gabriel and the team are consistently producing relatable and easy to follow content .. I’m a big fan of the videos too.

May 2023

Phil Donoghue

Helping Business Owners and Directors sleep at night

We love Wizer, it’s templates are integrated into the advanced email protection solution we use for clients so they can use Wizer templates to test their team and improve awareness, great training.

May 2023

Adrian Hernandez

Manager of IT Security at Avelo Airlines

I love the training, Gabriel! I’ve received great feedback from our crewmembers about how the training is fun, captivating, and to the point. Thanks again, and continue the awesome work!

May 2023

Galina G.

Fraud Investigations at ICAFConsulting

People at Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training are the BEST! I definitely second that message Chris Roberts 🔥

January 2023

Chris Roberts

CISO, Boom Supersonic. Researcher, and Hacker. Approach CAREFULLY with tea, biscuits, or Islay Whisky, do NOT connect to try and sell me something, I WILL flambé you.

For those of you whom know my history, I have a soft spot for the folks over Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training, especially Gabriel Friedlander and Rich Malewicz,. Mostly because they put the mission before the money, but also because they’re thinking about this from a HUMAN standpoint, and not one of tech/compliance first, or even translating geek TO English (or other languages they work in)

Also, having helped a while back it is SO bloody nice to be on the customer side of things and seeing it working inside the company. To actually get positive feedback, have folks send the training TO their families, guardians, kids etc.

January 2023

Rui Pereira

Cyber Security Expert - Information Security Leader

I have used Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training in my last awareness program, very mature and complete tool. Personally I like the reports simplicity.

Janury 2023

Karisse Hendrick

Award-Winning Cyberfraud Expert | Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Consultant | Chargeback Geek | Host of the Fraudology Podcast

If you're looking for a great source of entertaining & educational social media content on scam & fraud prevention, mixed with cyber security best practices for non-fraud "nerds", I highly suggest checking out Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training. They have a great team + do a really good job of sharing real victim stories to help create more awareness to the most popular & pervasive tactics targeting consumers & small businesses.

December 2022

Ted Bardusch

Strategic Technology & Security Leader Transforming Organizations through High-ROI SDLC

Thanks Chris for advocating for Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training. I've used them for years in various companies, and I heartily endorse their work.

I've found their training to be "fun" enough that people really do complete the training. And I see internal discussions referring to topics they picked up from the training.

January 2023

James Mckinlay

You want the best Cyber Security. I will show you how its done | Proven cost savings | Proven stronger defenses

+9001 for Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training , I combine it with James Linton , to give 'em both barrels

January 2023

Christy B.

BISO - Business Information Security Officer at Conduent

Love Wizer!! Short, sweet, to the point.

January 2023

Jack H.

Network, Web App & Mobile App Penetration Tester | Security Analyst / Cybersecurity Researcher | B.S. in Cybersecurity

You know, if you do the same thing over and over and expect different results it becomes the definition of insanity.

I do really like the approach Wizer and Gabriel Friedlander are using. There's a lot of great information and some fun involved.

January 2023

Galina G.

I help biz owners keep more profit💵| Risk Management | FCPA Audits | Cybersecurity | Fraud Investigations

In today’s - what feels like - oversell, “bring in influencers or you won’t succeed”, “look at me/me/me” startup business environment, these guys do it differently.

☑️ Great product
☑️ Great brains behind the product
☑️ Did I mention great product?

Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training Gabriel Friedlander - keep on going and making great things. ⭐️🚀🔥.

February 2022

Jeff W.

Partner & CSO, Valor Cybersecurity

Happy holidays to you and the Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training team. Keep up the amazing work you all do to keep us cyber-aware!

December 2022

Michael Graff

Director Cyber Fraud

I can't say enough good things about Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training. If you haven't come across them I urge you to check out this video, it provides a good intro to their work. Both on a professional level and personal I think their content is spot on and useful to all of us to be more aware of our digital surroundings and less likely to fall victim to a bad actor.

December 2022

Kim (BadWolf) S.

AI and Cyber Security Strategist 👩‍💻 | AI Thought Leader | Keynote Speaker 🙍🏼‍♀️ | Investor | Mentor 🎉 | Serial Entrepreneur 🐿🐇

A great update to the "Online Shopping Guide" that I share regularly - thanks Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training!

December 2022

Ayman Elsawah

Making Cybersecurity Accessible To More Organizations and People

I love this video by Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training, hilarious! 😂😂😂

Gabriel love the cameo!

December 2022

Nathan Katzenstein

Problem Solver | Analytical Thinker | Team Leader | 20+ years of IT, Management, Cyber, and Sales experience | Manage by Mentoring | Hungry to learn and succeed

Another excellent clip from the Wizer family. Be safe, be Wizer! h/t to Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training

December 2022

Tom Smith III

🛡️Protecting you from danger online by teaching you about cybersecurity // Host of a yet-to-be-released podcast // DMs are open

I just posted about Wizer being a great tool. This reinforces how I feel about it. So much value for free. Thank you!

February 2023

Andra Zaharia

Cyber Empathy champion

I love how you do that in a fun and captivating way with everything you do at Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training!

March 2023

Michael Black

Talent Acquisition Leader

As a Recruiting leader, I can tell you this is a bigger problem than you expect. If you are looking for a new job, please do not apply to jobs directly from job boards. Investigate the company, visit their website and careers page. Confirm the job is posted there. Check LinkedIn, the company profile, look for the recruiter, etc.

Great training by the people at Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training

March 2023

Artur (Marek) Maciąg

Human part of Technology Risk Management

Finally, some modern #cyberAwareness with focus on #MDM. Good work Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training

March 2023

Danon Vaughn

Senior IT Manager-Managing Partner-Cyber Security Professional

Thanks for producing these great videos Wizer - Free Security Awareness Training

March 2023

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