Secure Coding Training for Developers

Make Secure Code Training fun and effective. Train your developers on the attacker's mindset, learn to fortify your code, and challenge your development team with hands-on Capture-The-Flag (CTF) games designed for real-world defense strategies.

Elevate your security measures and transform your team into expert guardians of your digital assets with our secure code training for developers.

Make Secure Coding Fun With Wizer For Developers

We begin by teaching the mindset of an attacker and how they can hack into your app without even seeing your source code. Next, we demonstrate how to secure your code. Lastly, we let your dev team take on the role of attackers, challenging them with fun, real world examples in our Capture-The-Flag (CTF) games specifically designed for developers.

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Annual Secure Development Training

Empower your developers with top-notch secure code training and certification, guiding them through OWASP 10 and beyond.

Unlike one-time sessions, our approach involves bite-sized, monthly video training sessions, each lasting just 10-15 minutes. This ensures continuous learning, preventing overwhelm and allowing your team to easily comprehend and implement new knowledge.

Plus, it keeps them consistently updated on the latest threats, making security and secure code training an ongoing priority.

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Some Topics We Cover

We provide secure code microlearning that is fast, simple, effective and fun! In this course for developers, you will
find topics such as: XSS Mitigation, SQL Injection Mitigation, Server-Side Template Injection, SSRF
SSTI Mitigation, Insecure Deserialization,
Prototype Pollution, and much more.

Dynamic Capture-The-Flags For Developers

Experience the thrill of our interactive hacking micro-challenges, a hands-on secure code training challenge where developers leverage live source code segments to sharpen their skills. These activities encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

After 90 days, we unveil the magic behind the solutions through video demos and concise summary write-ups. Curious? Explore our public CTF challenges to see the excitement for yourself.

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Certificates and Bragging Rights

Our CTFs are like the gaming arena for coders, showcasing their skills in a playful code competition. Who tops the leaderboard? The most skillful developer of them all! And because CTFs are like hot sauce - some fiery hot, others pleasantly mild - we've whipped up a point system to reward the challengers based on the heat they can handle.

And the cherry on top? Solve a CTF, and get rewarded with a certificate, complete with a link to showcase which level of spicy-hot was conquered!

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