How will criminals try to phish us in 2022

How will criminals try to phish us in 2022, and what should we watch out for? A lot has changed in 2021, and unfortunately, it will be harder to detect these scams without prior knowledge. That's why we couldn't wait to launch Wizer Security Awareness Training 2022. We made sure to cover the fundamentals, such as Phishing, Ransomware, Passwords, Multi-Factor Authentication and Social Media, complete with NEW videos referencing the uprising trends of Phishing QR Code Scams, Smishing, Bypassing MFA, and more. 

We also incorporated REAL LIFE stories about employees and companies that got hacked. Each story shows how an attack unfolded, why the victim fell for it, and key takeaways that every person can teach their families.

Because security culture starts at home.


What else are we working on

In addition to the exciting updates for the Wizer Security Awareness Training 2022, here is an overview of our content creation roadmap for hot security topics that we predict will be trending.

Communication Security

Communication is a big part of our lives. Now that a huge chunk of the population works from home, common questions that arise are: 

  • how do we communicate safely
  • which apps should we use
  • what's ok and not ok to share 

Deep Fake

Phishing is moving to a whole new level. Criminals are now creating videos that look like you and phone calls that sound like you. So how do you know who you are talking to anymore? 


Securing Home Network

Our network has expanded beyond the office - and so has your employees. This is why it is critical for security culture to start at home. Our goal is to help your team understand the risks of working from home while also knowing how to secure their families.


Over the years, privacy has been a hot topic. And in 2022, we’re only going to see it continue to grow. The amount of information that can be found on each and every one of us is staggering. Because of this, it makes it easier than ever for criminals to craft personalized phishing attacks. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 9.21.14 AM

Securing API

This one is for the Developers. Their APIs are not secure…seriously. It's time to invest in additional education so that they know how to code securely from the get-go.

Supply Chain 

If 2021 demonstrated anything, it’s that criminals attack our supply chain as a way to get to us. And It’s not just 3rd party contractors or vendors - they were also able to reach the Developer teams.  

Internal Threats

This isn't new, but criminals are shamelessly offering large sums of money to employees just to get a foot in the door. And with cryptocurrency, this has been easier than ever.

Bottom Line

Our goal is to not only make sure your team is aware and prepared for company threats, but also to become ambassadors for their own families. The way people behave at home is the same way they behave at work. We want people to choose to be Wizer - at home and at work.