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Week 3: It’s a Family Affair

Week 3: It’s a Family Affair

When it comes to the home, everyone has a role in helping keep family information safe. This week's focus for Security Awareness Month provides conversation starters for the family and a checklist for the Chief Family Security Officer of the home.

Monday (Week 3)

Encourage employees to spark a conversation with their kids about their online habits and happenings. Copy/paste text into your email to send to your team and add resources via URL or get downloads here 📁

Monday Email to Send

Subject: Get your kids talking about online safety

Maybe you feel your kid can run digital circles around you when it comes to tech, but when it comes to navigating tricky people online? They’re noobs (newbies, that is 😉)  this makes them a vulnerable target of cyber crooks. 

When it comes to online safety, teaching kids isn’t that much different from teaching adults - cyber criminals use the same tactics just with a different context. Instead of a phishing email, it’s a message through Instagram, SnapChat, or the chat in that game your kid loves so much.

They’ll offer something that’s too good to be true - like free virtual coins for a game, free homework, etc - or try to scare them to death, claiming they hacked the webcam and have embarrassing pics. We know to be on the lookout for these tactics, but do they?

As with any safety topic involving kids, it’s best to keep an open and on-going conversation with your kiddo(s).

But where to start? Today’s quick guide has 9 discussion questions to get you and the kids in your life talking and thinking about online safety together.

Your Friendly Security/IT Team

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How was your day online

Monday Social Post

“How was your day ONLINE today?” We often ask the kid/teen in our life how their day was but we don’t usually think to include their day as it was in cyberspace. But for today’s young person their digital and physical worlds are very much one. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to check in with them regularly on how their digital life is going, too. Any messages that made them excited?; Did they have any unexpected friend requests on social media; Were they sent a strange message from a friend that felt ‘off’?; Have they ever received a message that got them super emotional? 

Keeping an open and honest conversation regularly with your kid and how their online world is going is a critical part of both their mental health and their online safety.

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Wednesday (Week 3)

Somebody's gotta take up the mantle of Chief Family Security Officer for the home, today's tips will help employees know what that should cover. Copy/paste text into your email to send to your team and add resources via URL or get downloads here 📁

Wednesday Email to Send

Subject: Your Other Day Job: Chief Family Security Officer

Whether you have kids at home, have a live-in Grandma, or just like to host friends regularly who use your WiFi - someone is managing (or not) the cybersecurity of your home.

It may require a shift in thinking what is ‘normal’ in regards to using digital devices in your home, but once you’ve got it down and talk with your family to ensure it becomes the norm, you’ll be far ahead of many in terms of securing your home.

  • Secure Your Passwords - No reused passwords for important apps!
  • Turn ON Multifactor Authentication (aka 2FA) for Critical Accounts. Teach your teens to use it, too.
  • Keep Computer & Mobile Devices Updated - Many have an automatic function but check that it is turned on.
  • Backup Backup Backup - Keep your most critical info backed up and update it periodically as it changes.
  • Protect Your Social Media Accounts - MFA keeps away most headaches and question more before engaging on ads or connection requests
  • Protect Your Privacy - Many apps ask for more access to info than they need - learn how to this access off
  • Stay Aware Of Common Scams - As technology evolves, so do scammers. Keep up with the latest scams to stay ahead of them!

Today’s guide includes resources to walk you through each of the 7 steps. You’ve got this!

Guide: 7 Ways To Upgrade Your Cybersecurity: For Personal & Home

Your Friendly Security/IT Team

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CFSO Social Post_Wk 2 Wed

Wednesday Social Post

Just as there is someone in the home who oversees the car maintenance and doctor appointments, there needs to be someone overseeing the online safety of the family’s digital activities. Sounds ominous, no? But it’s easier than you think to get the basic security in place.

Some you’ll need to change how you use apps and login to accounts, others you’ll need to make a reminder to run a backup update just like you mark those oil changes on your calendar but all in all once you’ve got the basics down, you’ve set up a good foundation to build on. 

Lastly, you’ll need to be sure to check in with all those who live under your roof and use the family WiFi to ensure they, too, are using good online security habits. 

Ready to be your family’s CFSO - Chief Family Security Officer?

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Friday (Week 3)

Staying safe online is for everyone - share it with our circle of friends and family and spread the savvy for October's Security Awareness Month! Copy/paste text into your email to send to your team and add resources via URL or get downloads here 📁

Friday Email to Send

Subject: Good cyber deed Friday!

You might feel your cyber savvy is pretty good, but that’s probably not true of all your friends and family so why not change that? Take action and share 1 or 2 pieces of cyber safety knowledge today with someone in your circle who could do with a friendly nudge.

Young family members new to cyber?
Then give them the lowdown on why it's important to protect their personal info online: 

Why Scammers Want To Steal Your Kid's Identity

Elderly relatives struggling to know who to trust online or over the phone? Send over this quick guide to help demystify online fraud:

Senior Guide To Avoid Being Scammed

Friend using dating websites? Help them swipe safely with these short video tips:

Are You Dating A Scammer?

Way to share the cyber savvy!
Your Friendly Security/IT Team

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Friday Social Post

Which generation is more likely to get hacked?

  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Millennials
  • Gen Z
  • Boomers

Leave your answer in the comments and defend your answer - go!

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