the sneaky world beyond phishing email scams

Usually, when we think about phishing, it's in the context of phishing emails, like an email from your bank, FedEx, Amazon, or even your manager. However, phishing is everywhere. The internet is like a minefield of phishing links, and they are in the top google search results, Ads, Job Searching Sites, and even google maps.

This short infographic is a great resource to share with your team. Without being aware of these scams, it's almost impossible not to become a victim. You can register for our free security awareness training for employees or our family edition if you want to learn more.

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7 Scams Beyond Phishing Email Scams

Google Maps Phishing Scams

Unfortunately, scammers found a way to list fake business on Google Maps. They can take over the name of a legitimate business and add their own false phone number and website. If you click on the website link or call the phone number listed, the fraudster will be the one who answers.

QR Code Scams

Who'd have guessed a QR code might be dangerous? They can be found almost anywhere, especially in restaurants. Criminals can put their own sticker on top of the official one. As a result, when you scan it, you'll be taken to a phony website.

Google Search Phishing

Some of the top Google search results are phishing sites, which may surprise you. Scammers also put money into SEO and work hard to get their fake sites to the top of search results.


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Scam Ads

You see an ad on Facebook and assume it's legitimate; nevertheless, Facebook is littered with scam ads and is a scammer's paradise! Many people, however automatically trust ads that appear on "reputable" websites, assuming that these websites weed out scammers. It's occurring all over the place, not just on Facebook. Learn to shop safely online.

Fake Apps on the App Store

Unfortunately, we can't put our faith in the App Store blindly. The App Store has millions of apps, and scammers have found ways to list their own. Some will steal your personal information, while others will steal your money. 

Deep Fake Phishing Scams

We've reached a stage where technology is exceeding society's ability to adapt. It's becoming nearly impossible to tell what's real and what's not with DeepFake Voice Cloning. Imagine someone gaining access to your social media account and publishing DEEP FAKE recordings of you trying to defraud your followers.

Dating and Romance Scams

Scams in the dating world are very widespread! After all, you're excited to meet a new person... This can turn into a romance scam, in which you fall in love with a con artist and they steal your money. It might be a blackmail scheme in which they entice you to provide a nude photo and then blackmail you. Alternatively, they could just get you to click on a phishing link.