Security Awareness Training For Job Hunters

We all know the painstaking process of finding a job. It’s time consuming and it takes a lot of rewriting your resume and cover letter to match a job description, filling out online applications, waiting for phone calls, trying to schedule interviews….uhhhh need I say more? It’s frustrating sometimes but it’s something we all have to do at some point. 

You know that feeling? The one where you get an email or a phone call regarding one of your many resumes you’ve submitted? “FINALLY,” you think, “I’ve FINALLY gotten someone to reach back out, this could be the job I’ve been waiting for! I’m soooooo excited! You jump at the chance to sneak away so that you can answer that email because you want to be first in line for this job.

You desperately want something. You have been working hard to get it. You’re going to jump at the chance to respond to a potential employer. You are vulnerable and cyber criminals rely on it!

Think about it, when you are job hunting you are sharing personal details with strangers. You may be opening attachments, filling out forms or even sharing your bank account info. What more can a cyber criminal ask for? They can post a job and use the personal information candidates share with them to steal their identity, or send candidates infected documents to their business or personal account.

Hackers especially like to target work from home candidates. Here’s how it works. You are supposedly hired by a fake company, the hacker will send the you a check as advanced reimbursement for purchasing a company laptop. You will deposit the check to a personal account and will use a personal credit card to purchase a laptop from a link the hacker sent. Obviously this is a fake store and a week later the check will bounce, but you will not be able to cancel the credit card charge. 

See how to avoid this scam by watching this short 1 minute cyber security awareness video that explains the different ways these scammers are preying on people like YOU and me! Be Wizer.