Security Awareness Videos Like No Other

Employees love our videos not only because they're short and to the point, but they're so relatable, employees love sharing them with friends and family, too.

Check out some of our videos below and view our full Course Library here.

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Security Awareness Basics

From basic phishing awareness training videos and ransomware to insider threats and IT support scams our content meets your employees where they’re at. To see more basic awareness training videos sign up for free here.


 Secure Code Training For Developers

Equip your developer team with our complete secure coding solution. These specialized videos delve into common and trending vulnerabilities, providing best practices to prevent compromises. Learn more about our Secure Code Training offering here.

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Real-Life Stories

Short, dramatized mini-documentaries based on real-life scams are memorable and relatable. Each story includes takeaways for viewers to protect themselves from similar attacks. To see more real-life stories videos register here for free.

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Nobody loves it but everybody’s gotta have it - Boost includes specialized trainings on compliance from GDPR, HIPAA, DEI, CCPA, PCI and more. To see more compliance videos register for free here.

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For Families

Online safety doesn’t end when an employee logs off from work, it’s 24/7. That’s why we’ve included family topics to help your employees go from learner to teacher to build a stronger security mindset at work and at home. To see more videos for families register for free here.

Our training topics don’t end there. 

      Our video topics also cover:

  • Security Awareness Basics
  • Ransomware
  • GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, DEI and other compliance Training
  • Financial Services Security Awareness
  • Advanced Phishing Training
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Online Safety Tips for Families
  • IT Administrators 
  • Work From Home
  • Financial Services Security
  • Ransomware
  • And More!
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Our People Love Us

We help people #staywizer online with shareable content, short training videos, and effective phishing simulations. See for yourself how we're making a real impact on security culture at work and at home.


Security awareness training needs to speak the language of your employees.

As a global company, we help ALL your team members learn better security habits with videos translated into over eight languages and counting.

  • Hebrew
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese 
  • German 
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Italian

Frequently Asked Questions

How many security awareness training videos does the Wizer library offer?
Currently, our video library has more than 175+ videos and counting in our English series.
Do you offer security awareness training videos in other languages?
Yes! Currently, we offer our most popular trainings in 8 languages - Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Dutch, Chinese, and Italian.
Are the videos all the same format?
They are all different formats. We know learning styles differ, which is why our video formats range from white board animations, to real life stories of dramatized scams, to explainer videos to show what happens behind-the-scenes of a scam.
Are there role-based videos to cover specific topics for different departments or professional needs?
Yes! These videos are tailored to meet the specific needs of different roles within an organization, such as IT, HR, Finance, etc. and provides targeted training on relevant topics. This ensures that employees receive the training they need to perform their jobs effectively and safely.
What if I have a custom video I want to add to a training? Can I add my own videos, too?
Yes, you can add your own custom videos and use the Wizer platform to assign and track the progress. You can also combine your custom videos with Wizer's pre-made videos to create a comprehensive training program that meets the specific needs of your organization.

Want to Use Your Own LMS?

Our videos are SCORM and 508 Compliant so they’re super easy to use in your own learning management system, too.