June 2023: New Security Awareness Content

Looking for fresh content? Look no further - here are the highlights from June's latest content both in the library and resources for you as a security awareness professional.

 New Security Awareness Training Videos



Saving Passwords As Clear Text Can Cost You Big Time!

Would you wear your password on a T-shirt? Of course not, right?! And yet it's frightening how many people do the digital equivalent of this when they store their passwords in plain text on their devices. Cybercriminals literally bank on this known habit and scan documents, text messages and even Contacts lists for anything that might resemble a password. But you don't have to make it so easy for them.

Help employees and family members learn the risks of keeping track of passwords with these 'life hacks' because it really only sets them up to being really hacked themselves.

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On The security Awareness Blog

Hacked?! Now What Series

Email Hacked Now What Thumbnail Social Media Hacked Now What Guide Thumbnail Info in Data Breach Now What Thumbnail

Being hacked is scary, but we don't have to be helpless. Give employees the confidence to know what to do after they discover a breach on a personal device or account. True to the Wizer style, we've included PDF downloads as quick guides along with a blog write-up explaining further.

Click on the images above to direct to the corresponding guide.



Phishing Template Series: June Edition

Phishing Template June Edition

This month's Phishing Template series covers unexpected corporate video promos, intentionally bad-looking layouts, voice message teasers, crypto bait, and summer holiday HR policies. 

These templates also make great slides for a phishing training, too!

Note: These templates are ready to use in the Wizer Boost Phishing Simulation as well.

NEW! Special Training for Developers

Have you heard?! We've soft-launched an exclusive CTF (Capture The Flag) tailor-made for developers with the aim of learning to break, to build better. This challenge is to help dev teams get into the mind of a hacker so they can understand how to write more secure code.

Share with your dev teams and have a friendly battle of the code to see who can crack it. Hurry, the next challenge is already active!

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New Episode!: Security Awareness for Developers

 Podcast 2

As we said, it's not easy to hold the attention of the tech-savvy crowd such as developers when it comes to security awareness training. But we've got some thoughts on that, or rather, our guest does. Tune in to our latest podcast episode speaking with software developer veteran Art Kay who has merged his passion for code and helping developers learn to code more securely.

In addition to our standard recap and video recording, our live-stream conversations are now available on Spotify and Google Podcast!