August 2023: New Security Awareness Content

Here are the highlights from August's latest content both in the library and resources for you as a security awareness professional.

 New Security Awareness Training Videos


What's a Cybercriminal Afraid Of?

Think the hardest part of a cybercriminal's job is breaking in? Not necessarily. Flying under the radar as long as possible is their preferred mission and they don't need you or your team messing that up. So how can you?


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On The security Awareness Blog

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What's The Wizer CTF All About & Where's It Headed?

We can't stop talking about it and we're not done yet! (Sorry, not sorry 😉) We've told you about the launch of; we've shared the takeaways learned from our recaps for retired challenges; but where is all this going?!

We're excited to lay out the plan here of our goals for these CTFs and dive into how they are designed as well as tease the upcoming launch of a shiny new offering in the works to take your dev team's security awareness to the next level! 

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Phishing Template Series: August Edition


What do social proof, X, emails with QR codes, and push notifications all have in common? Great tools for a phishing email. This month's round of phishing templates give talking points on more sneaky tactics that scammers use to weaponize the familiar (and not so familiar).

Note: These templates are ready to use in the Wizer Boost Phishing Simulation as well.


Security Awareness Made Even Easier


We're on your team when it comes to buildilng a strong and positive security awareness culture and now we're excited to say we're taking that even further!

Meet Wizer Managed - our new offering where we take care of the admin and planning for running and maintaining a successful security awareness program for you. 

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Wizer CTF Takeaways

CTF Recap 432-blog
Our CodeWizer team has been hard at work releasing new CTFs and retiring older ones. We have insights on challenges #4:Movies Database, #3: Environment Selector, and #2: Create User Endpoint to provide your team with takeaways on what to watch for when coding.