July 2023: New Security Awareness Content

Here are the highlights from July's latest content both in the library and resources for you as a security awareness professional.

 New Security Awareness Training Videos


Not All Phishing Emails Have Bad Links

Scammers have upped their game - they know employees have been trained to check for suspicious links INSIDE a phishing email. But what if that email doesn't have any links - is it still a phish?

Broaden your team's understanding of how scammers operate with our latest Wizer Story that walks you through how one victim of a phishing email was tricked through the scammer using his own worry and curiosity against him - without the use of a malicious link OR attachment in the email. Nope - they craftily banked on his curiosity to research which lead him to their fake site where the malware was hidden in plain sight.


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It's Your Boss...Or Is It? How To Detect Voice Cloning

It may sound like your boss with an urgent request to transfer funds or even more worrying, it could even sound like your sister or child saying they're in trouble - but with the rise of voice cloning threats, how can you tell it's really them?

Alert your employees to these types of scams so they can be better equipped to catch the red flags and take the appropriate steps to guard against them or the company falling victim.


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On The security Awareness Blog

mystery Solved!

Wizer For Developers - Our 1st CTF Recap!

You've heard about our exlusive CTF (Capture the Flag) we designed for training developers how to get into the mind of a hacker in order to build stronger code, NOW check out the recap of what was learned from our first retired challenge.

This challenge: To identify an XSS vulnerability related to a wrong user input sanitization strategy.

Don't worry - if you haven't done the challenge yet, you can still do it on your own but our rewrite by Wizer's own CTO, Itzik Spitzen, highlights some of the use cases around this particular challenge and why certain protections against such vulnerabilities are important.

Code Wizer!

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Phishing Template Series: July Edition

Phishing Template July Edition

July's Phishing Templates covers password manager worries, enticement of a free perk, popular trends with new technology, Discord distractions and more.

These templates also make great slides for a phishing training, too!

Note: These templates are ready to use in the Wizer Boost Phishing Simulation as well.