June 2022: New Security Awareness Content

We have been busy adding more content to our Cyber Security Awareness Training. Here is a collection of what's new in June. 


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Reporting any suspicious activity as soon as possible makes a huge difference when dealing with a cyber attack. But what’s considered suspicious activity, and how do you report it? This is what this video is all about. Immediate reporting will allow security teams to alert other employees and contain the threat. Here are three essential best practices for dealing with and reporting suspicious activity.


Unfortunately, a strong password doesn't cut it anymore when it comes to keeping your cell phone and its data safe. Apps on your phone often have unlimited access to your photos, contacts, location and even your microphone! That's bad news for not only you but also your employer. In this cyber security awareness training video, learn simple steps to upping the security on your cell phone.


Real Life Stories


If you thought Hollywood was glamorous - think again! This actress tells her REAL LIFE story of almost getting scammed, and not in a way you would ever imagine!


On The Blog


Enable MFA Sign-Dog

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Set Up Guide For 16 Common Apps

Did you know that 99.9% of hacked accounts did not have MFA turned on? Don't be one of those. From Amazon to Instagram, here are direct links to enable MFA for 16 of the most common apps.


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The Sneaking World Beyond Phishing Email Scams

Usually when we think about phishing, it's in the context of emails from your bank, FedEx, Amazon or even your manager. But phishing is EVERYWHERE! Here are 7 scams that go beyond emails. 

Lessons Learned Interviews 

Every week, we interview a community member from our LinkedIn Security Awareness Managers group for their hard-learned lessons from working in the industry. 


Building A Healthy Security Culture

Nadja el Fertasi is the founder of Thrive with EQ - a consultancy that helps organizations build digital emotional intelligence and resiliency. She brings her 20 year experience working at NATO to crisis management security and digital transformation. Learn how she is bridging the gap between technical and non-technical people across a variety of disciplines in what she regards as "turning human vulnerability into human empowerment."


Cyber Security Awareness Training Topics

Gabriel Friedlander, Founder and CEO of Wizer, has created his fair share of security content.  If you have seen his posts on LinkedIn, you will know he has an eye for taking the everyday and framing it in the light of cybersecurity awareness training. In this episode, learn Gabriel's top tips for creating content - and more importantly engagement - and the different tools relies to do just that.



Calling All Security Awareness Managers 

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We invite you to connect with Security Awareness Managers in this private LinkedIn community hosted by Wizer.  Join our weekly virtual huddle groups or hop on a LIVE interview with a community member to discover their hard-learned lessons of creating and running cybersecurity awareness programs. 

Remember, staying safe starts with security awareness. Use online security awareness training to train your team. And register for free cyber security awareness video



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