Cyber Security Trick or Treat: Halloween Edition

A little treat for some Halloween fun - a fictional retelling of an office party gone so very digitally wrong.

Dear Team,

I'm afraid that this year, our Inbox Ghouls-themed Halloween party has met an untimely demise. For those who may have forgotten the dark saga of last year, here's a chilling recap of the night when things took an unexpected and ominous turn.

Fifteen unsuspecting partygoers fell victim to Geoff's diabolical costume choice. Dressed up as a password reset email, Geoff seized the opportune moments to snatch passwords when everyone was at their most distracted. It was a costume so convincing that it even fooled the most vigilant among us.

Lesson: Halloween is a time for disguises, but be extra cautious when clicking those mysterious links in emails cleverly disguised.


But the real shocker of the night came from Grace, who left the party with $2000 in Google Play gift cards. How did she manage this feat?

By donning the attire of a CEO and cunningly persuading fellow revelers to perform a "quick task" for her. It appears that the combination of authority and good-natured partygoers proved to be a dangerous mix.

Lesson: When the someone asks you for a favor at a Halloween party, be wary—it might not be all fun and games!

A spine-tingling twist awaited the unfortunate souls who dared to indulge in Anya's "special" candy. Rather than being haunted, half of the guests were afflicted by a far more sinister curse—ransomware. A chilling reminder that not all candy is sweet, and some treats can bring your digital life to a screeching halt.

Lesson: Don't let your guard down, even when the 'candy' looks tempting.

As if this weren't enough, the communal fund to hastily pay for a new food Delivery service turned the night into a topping-less horror show. There were two hotdog costumes at the party, but one of them was definitely not invited. It was a true Halloween mystery, with everyone wondering, "Who let the hotdog in?"

Lesson: Always double-check the guest list to avoid unexpected, uninvited surprises.

So, this year, we strongly recommend hosting your Halloween party at home. And if you do decide to invite guests, be as vigilant about guarding your data as you are about keeping uninvited hotdogs at bay.

Halloween should be spooky fun, but not at the expense of your cybersecurity. Stay safe, stay aware, and have a spooktacular time!