Click Click Boom - halloween cyber security Costume

Cyber Security Awareness Costume For Halloween 

In the spirit of Trick or Treat, we are sorry to tell you but this was a made up costume that doesn't exist... HOWEVER, we do have a treat for you. It's a Free Multi-Factor Authentication Guide for 16 common apps, to help protect yourself against real life phisherman. And as a bonus, you can also sign up your entire organization to our free cyber security awareness platform

7 Tips for Spotting a Phishing Costume :) 

#1 Money Back Guarantee - Just like with phishing emails, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

#2 Grammar Mistakes - Did you spot the bad grammar in "Free Bad Grammer Generator" :)? And once again, who gives away a Bad Grammar Generator for FREE? LOL

#3 Look at the Style - Does the style of the text feel different from previous costumes you purchased? 

#4 Typos - Domaine is misspelled, it should have been Domain.

#5 Free Gift Cards  - No one gives away free gift cards to strangers, unless you are a scammer.

#6 Check the Address - This costume doesn’t even have a vendor name, website, or physical address. Always make sure who the costume is from.

#7 One Size Fits Most - Scammers will cast their net as wide as possible.