CyberSecurity Memes and Phishing Memes of 2023

#1 Multi-Factor Authentication  Meme 

Eventually, you will have MFA enabled, however, it’s better that you are the one who enabled it and not someone else. Why? The reason is, if your account got compromised and you don’t have MFA, then the cybercriminal will activate it for you. This will then keep you from resetting your password.

And I know what you are thinking - you'll just contact the social networking company of the account (Google, Facebook, etc.). Good luck getting a hold of them. It could take weeks for them to help you.

Our advice is - Turn on MFA (and verify) and use a strong password.
Get a guide to help you quickly enable MFA for the most common apps here!

It’s a small price to pay compared to sleepless nights trying to regain your account.


#2 Think Before You Click Meme

This is a Security Awareness Memes I.T. Team Edition ❤️. Many people can't imagine the amount of work that goes into dealing with a security incident. The Security team is typically understaffed with tons of critical and complex projects going on, and security incidents only add to their work which regularly involves high stress and extra hours. So imagine how they feel when someone clicks on a malicious link. Add to that, they have to do it with a smile because after all, it's only human to make mistakes.

Our advice - send your security team a thank you note and resolve to apply your awareness training diligently! 😊

#3 Phishing Simulation Meme

Ironically, those who don't read their emails pass the phishing simulation test with flying colors 🙃 While this is an effective approach to avoid phishing attacks, it's not effective for your carrier. So we recommend that you learn how to spot phishing emails

#4 Privacy Meme

What makes people feel uncomfortable handing their unlocked phones to friends, but are totally fine sharing all their data with big tech just for a free app or service? Is privacy something tangible? 

Our advice - treat your privacy online with the same caution you have when letting a friend have access to your unlocked phone.


#5 Security Awareness Training MEMES

Compliance vs Security :) Just passing the “test” doesn’t mean people will behave differently after the test. The goal should be a healthy security culture, not just ticking the box. Security awareness should be perceived as a benefit, not a chore. Having said that, there will always be someone who will click.
However, with a good awareness culture, the probability of team members reporting increases which decreases the impact of an attack if/when it occurs.
Our advice - Start with security awareness training that engages the employee while building a culture of security through an ambassador program. And as security is never 'done', measure and iterate to continually evolve the strength of your program.


#6 Weak Password Meme

This is true for so many passwords. The reality is that most passwords under eight characters can be cracked in less than an hour using brute force software.

The standard recommendation currently is to use passwords that are longer than 12 characters. But a strong password doesn't have to be an endless string of random numbers, characters, and capitalization. A phrase with three or four unrelated words makes a strong password that is also easy to remember. Or simply use a password manager.  

#6 Chief Family Security Officer Meme

You are hereby entitled to become Chief Family Security Officer, only if you share this AMAZING security awareness guide with your family. 😉

Just as someone in the family takes responsibility for the maintenance of the family car and ensures safe driving habits for anyone who is a driver, so too, we must be sure of the same safety and proper use for online "driving".

Need quick Tik-Tok style videos to grab attention? We've got those, too - check them out here.


#7 Too late with cybersecurity Meme

Unfortunately, this is the reality. Many people think it won't happen to them or that they are not a viable target. The truth is that criminals don't discriminate. They work like a business, they cast their phishing net, and once you click you become a target. 

We're passionate about helping people learn to change their thinking so that online safety becomes part of their mindset to prevent an incident, so you're not forced to think of it after an attack occurs.

Learn more about how we help businesses of all sizes train their employees or check out our free training for individuals and families as part of our social responsibility to make basic security awareness accessible to everyone.


#8 '!' is so last Decade - Use a Password manager!

Special characters can be distracting to end users thinking adding one extra ! will keep them secure - while there is a debate on password managers, most security professionals agree for most individuals, they help keep passwords more secure and unique with easy-fill options and provide password generators to reduce reused password syndrome.


#9 MFA vs Password123!

While we don't encourage the use of weak or reused passwords, MFA can certainly bulk up your account security. 

7jptnjThanks for browsing our security awareness memes, feel free to share! We hope it brought a little fun to your day!