Security Policies: How To Do It Right

In a perfect world, policy comes first. In the real world, the standards, guidelines, and procedures may be first and the policies are most likely written after. Policy should help emphasize and support the culture, and if your policies are the driver of the that culture, it is much easier to get buy-in.


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Security Policies How To Do It Right

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Learn how to create and implement security policies using these 7 security policy tips to help your team better adhere to and understand them.


1. Policy Is Defined By Culture

It is much easier to get your team to buy-in when policies are aligned with company culture.

2. Policies Must Align With Business Goals

The policies are safeguards for the business to grow fast without crashing.

3. Know Your Audience

Be sure to understand what other departments are trying to do and what their risk appetite is.

4. Make It Easy To Digest

Convert your 30-page policy into a security policies downloadable pdf cheat sheet with examples that your team can easily understand. 

5. Avoid Just Ticking The Box

Make an effort to make it relatable. Show your team why it's useful everywhere and not just at work.

6. Involve Your Team

When creating and implementing policies, involve your team and make them accountable. People are more likely to follow policies when they have a sense of ownership.

7. Measure Effectiveness

If you don't measure the effectiveness of the policies, you can't improve them.



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Why Security Awareness is Key

It's not secret that many of the incident start with a social engineering attack like phishing or spear phishing. So beyond training the IR team, it's wise to ensure employees are also training on how to avoid becoming a target. This is usually done through security awareness training and phishing simulation. Wizer Security Awareness Training offers both. We mastered the power of short stories to make security awareness training relatable and memorable. And best of all, you can start free and upgrade later.