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No more boring training! Your team will never forget what they learned. We mastered the power of short stories to make security awareness training relatable and memorable. And best of all, you can start free and upgrade later.
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How Do We Know Your Employees Will Love It?

Because over 50k reviews said so! This rating is what EMPLOYEES think about our training - not the CISO, CIO or any other security officer)! Considering that employees are forced to take the training, 4.67 is pretty good.

We Make It Personal,
We Tie It To Home

We want people to want to watch our videos, not forced to watch them. So we made it personal. Every video starts with an emotional hook that captures the viewers attention, followed by a relatable story that makes people go - Ah! And best of all we keep the library fresh on a weekly basis!

Our Features


With engaging one-minute videos, your team will not get bored.


Game on! An interactive session testing how well employees can spot phishing vs regular email messages.

Phishing Simulation

Simulate a phishing attack to see how well employees are trained to spot them.

SCORM, 508, WCAG Compliant

Easily integrate our videos with your own learning management system (LMS).

Policy Management

Manage policies in an easy-to-access location for employees to review and acknowledge (PDF or URL).

Track Employee Progress

Track your company security awareness with a dashboard, progress sheets, and regular email reports.

Employee Feedback

Find out how much your team like their training.