What's New.

Here is provided overview of all the new features and releases added to Wizer.
These can include security-enhancing tools, management functions, interface updates, and much more.

January 5th 2024

Main things in this release:

  1. We added navigation using “Tab” button on the keyboard for the learner app. It will ease the use of the employee app for people with disabilities.
  2. We added buttons “previous” and “next” for monthly videos, by using them you can navigate and see the next MVs or previous MVs (10 in each direction).
December 11th 2023

Main things:

  1. We removed buttons Buy licenses and Contact sales in the admin panel for partner’s child companies.
  2. Added feature to upload custom thumbnail for custom phishing templates.
  3. Added ability to download “Raw events log” for particular phishing campaigns. It allows you to see the list of all events that happened with detailed info.
  4. In the phishing report on the Template tab, now you can open the template preview.
  5. We added a SCORM item to the superadmin panel. Now users with access “support” can add SCORM files or links to training or video. Also we added button to download SCORM for Monthly Video in admin panel.
  6. We changed logic of name generation for weekly reports, now name generates as  “companyName – departmentName - Weekly Report”. Example: “Wizer Internal - Marketing & Sales Weekly Report”
  7. We removed the button “Delete” for users. Deletion of users allowed to abuse our system, and was done as a fast solution.
  8. Side menu items were renamed in admin panel: Training Courses - Awareness Courses For Developers - Developers Courses Also, additional texts on those pages were changed accordingly.
  9. We added additional logic for silent phishing. Now admin won’t be able to send Phishing Emails to unregistered users without contacting us.
October 17th 2023

Main things in this release:

  1. We added 14 new templates to phishing exercise, 6 of them have a new type - SMS.
  2. We added 2 new numbers to phishing campaign card, percentage of people who reported without being phished and percentage of people who reported and didn’t report at all. It’s a first step to show success indicators about phishing.
  3. Templates in summary phishing reports is now clickable, and works the same way as template tab in phishing campaign reports, by click open modal window with data.
  4. Added small UI changes to the CTF app.
  5. We added additional sections for training that your parent company shared with you, before they were shown in custom training section.
  6. We used magic link logic that we created for CTF app previously, and now admin can go to learner app without additional login there.
September 27th 2023

Main things in this release:
1. We changed the preview page for Phishing Exercise. Now it looks more like get started page.
2. Bunch of technical tasks and bugfixes

September 12 2023

Main things in this release:
1. We change “Employee Login” to “Learner Login” everywhere in admin.
2. We improved the admin panel flow by removing redirecting to the login page while refreshing the page, now you will see only the loading and that is it.

September 1st 2023

Main things in this release:

1. New templates for weekly report with historical data about changes from the previous week. 

August 28th 2023

Main things in this release:
1. Phishing campaign cards. Now we get all data from the backend without calculations on the frontend, and we changed the event Sent from percentage to number.

August 10th 2023
Main things in this release:
1. We added new “Get started page” and move and renamed old one(now it “guides”). See video 1 - “New get started page”
2. We changed the design elements for “Account settings page”. See video 2 - “Account settings”
3. Remake sidebar. See video 3 - “Sidebar”
4. Added russian and arabic languages(frontend part), soon will also release backend changes.
July 24th 2023

Main things in this release:
1. Added new field “Phone number” to registration form.

2. Added improvements users adding flow


July 14th 2023
Main things in this release:
  1. We added a report on monthly video progress to the reports page.
  2. We added the license allocation log to the transaction page in the partner portal as a separate tab.
  3. New external API endpoint that allows our customers to report our phishing simulation emails and mark them as reported without our phishing report button.
  4. We added the number of users that were included in the phishing campaign to the phishing campaign card in active and archived
  5. Now all hovers in phishing will be opened by click.
  6. We changed the text style to more noticeable for subquestions in the phishing game
June 23rd 2023
Main things in this release:
  1. We added error messages to the template edit/creation process. You will see the error message if you added a wrong custom value or didn’t add the phishing link.
  2. Our customers now will receive email notifications in 2 cases:
    - When they have 10% or less licenses left
    - When they have 0 or less licenses left.
    For partner child companies it will be a little different. If the child company exceeds the number of available licenses, its parent company will receive an email about it.
  3. We added one more screen for phishing summary reports - By Recipients.
June 16th 2023
Main things in this release:
  1. We added new screens in summary reports for phishing. Overview(data with graphic) and Templates(data for all used templates in campaigns).
  2. We changed My customers page in partner portal. Added new fields: Account status(licensed, trial, free, not registered), Licenses issued(date when trial subscription was created), Licenses expire(date of expiration for subscription). Changed visuals for field Licenses/users, we are highlighting now users companies who added more users than available licenses. We added filters by account status and access level, and also filter by affiliation available for partner companies who have not only direct customers.
  3. We hide ‘Partner guides’ in partner portal, due to incorrect info there. We will need to redo that page in future.
June 2nd 2023
Main things in them:
  1. We added a summary report on phishing campaigns and trainings. Also new item in the side menu - Reports. It was released and hidden behind a feature flag. Now we removed flag and it is accessible
  2. Now order for videos in sub categories works by the same logic as in video library(created_at and “is_featured” flag)
  3. We changed answers in phishing game due to the final requirements
  4. We completed migration to material UI 5. That was one of our Q2 items.