Security Awareness Training Pricing

Security Awareness Training Pricing

Annual Price per User. Discounted Pricing for Education, Nonprofit, and Government!


Free Essential Security Awareness Training

Free features:

  • Free Annual Training, Learner Console
  • Monthly Videos, Phishing Simulation
  • Custom Policies, Phishing Exercise
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$25/User ($625/25 Users)

Full access to all Advanced Security Awareness Training videos, Phishing Simulation, & more.

Boost Features:

  • Free Annual Training, Learner Console
  • Monthly Videos, Phishing Simulation
  • Custom Policies, Phishing Exercise

Annual Secure Developer Training that will level up their coding skills for stronger and more secure code all year round

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Security Awareness Training Pricing Table


Price Per User (Annually)

25 - 50


51 - 100


101 - 500


501 - 1000


1001 - 3000


3001 - 5000



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User Management


Learner Console

Dedicated platform optimized for mobile and desktop for employees to learn, take quizzes, sign policies and more, all in one location.

Automated Reminders

Weekly reminders are sent to learners via email only when they have outstanding tasks.

Employee Feedback

Employees are offered to rate their experience at the end of each training to provide better understanding of the impact of your campaigns.

Progress Reports

Quickly determine how employees and departments are progressing through the training and export as CSV when needed.


Create training focused on specific departments with targeted content relevant to their needs.

Single Sign-On

SSO with auto-provisioning for Google Workspace, Azure, OKTA, One Login and SAML.

Video Training


Free Training Course

Preset Training Course with 10+ videos from the basics of Phishing, Passwords, MFA, Ransomware to Wire Fraud, PII, Policies and Procedures, and more.

Full Training Library Access

Get full access to all our training courses, including specialized and compliance topics (GDPR, Insider Threat, DEI, etc) as well as more than 200 videos to build your own course.

Monthly Videos

New videos are added every month with automatic updates to employees, keeping awareness top of mind in small doses.

Custom Training (Drip Campaigns)

Build your own training campaigns from our extensive Video Library, upload your own videos and create custom quizzes.

Language Packages

Videos are available in English, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian and Chinese


SCORM packages allow the export of training videos into internal learning management systems (LMS). Additional terms, conditions, and fees may apply.

Wizer for Developers (Optional Paid Add-On)

In-Depth Security Training video series + CTF challenges to help developers code more securely. Additional terms, conditions, and fees may apply.


Challenge Learners to complete training faster with exclusive Golden Certs to earn bragging rights. Blue Certs are for regular completion.



Phishing Simulation

Automate regular phishing simulations with our vast library of phishing templates, track progress and customize as needed.

100+ Phishing Templates

Keep employees on their toes with a mix of consumer-style and corporate-style email templates for your campaigns.

Report Button

A simple and safe way for employees to report suspicious emails and alert your security team.

Custom Templates

Customize your own phishing templates with our easy-to-use editor - no coding required.

Smart Phishing

Automate phishing simulation campaigns with our Smart Phishing scheduler and customizable templates.

Interactive Training



Gamification enhances engagement through challenging and interactive activities to reinforce what the user has learned.


Test your employees with graded quizzes and assess their trouble areas.

Custom Policies

Upload security and compliance policies as PDF or via URL and track users have acknowledged and read them.

Phishing Exercise

It's an exercise that will let people work on their phish spotting skills. They will be given ten emails and will need to spot which ones are phishing and which are legit.

Admin Console



Get custom support to launch, manage, and report to get your program up and running fast.

Two-factor Authentication

Enforce 2FA for all Admins.

White Label

Customize your employee experience with your own logo, domain, and custom SMTP.

Customer Success

Get personalized onboarding and support for your needs.

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