Wizer Partnership With IronVest For Stronger Inbox Protection

Wizer Training is excited to announce it has teamed up with email security provider IronVest to change the name of the game of business email compromise.

Imagine being able to stand next to your employees and warn them before they click on a suspicious link - many phishing attacks could likely be prevented. However, that doesn't seem realistic, does it?

Surprisingly, this idea isn't as far-fetched as it may seem. Wizer Training has teamed up  with IronVest to accomplish just that.

IronVest scans each and every email, looking for warning signs that might indicate wire fraud or other scams. Sometimes, all people need is a real-time reminder to avoid falling victim to these threats. That's exactly what IronVest is doing. By using a straightforward labeling system with red, yellow, and green indicators, employees can quickly determine which emails are safe, which require caution, and which should be avoided.

Want to see InboxGuard in Action?

Wizer's Founder and CEO, Gabriel Friedlander sat with IronVest's Michael Snape to get a detailed walkthrough of how the InboxGuard solution works.


Additionally, IronVest users gain access to Wizer’s popular micro-learning security awareness training videos, as well as Phishing Simulation and Gaming. By training individuals to recognize phishing scams and alerting them in real-time before they click on suspicious links, you significantly enhance the organization’s ability to spot these scams.

Explore Ironvest's real-time phishing awareness tools or to just learn more, visit their website.