Wizer Partnership With INKY: A Security Coach For Your Employees

Wizer Training is excited to announce it has teamed up with behavioral email security provider INKY to provide you greater email awareness and protection.

Get ready for another winning combination for your security win!

INKY, acts as an email security coach providing flags, warnings and tips right inside your email. They use interactive banners to spot suspicious behaviors and guide you safely, no matter your device or email client. Say goodbye to IT burdens and multiple systems - INKY's got it covered. Their behavioral email security platform has you covered with:

  • Inbound Email Protection
  • Internal Email Protection
  • Advanced Attachment Analysis
  • Outbound Email Protection
  • Email Encryption
  • Graymail Protection
  • Security Awareness Training (that's us!)

Their innovative tech and user-friendly approach make it harder for bad actors to pull the wool over your employees eyes. And when you combine INKY with Wizer's security awareness training, you've got an unstoppable combo to boost your employees' security savvy and protect both their inboxes and individual safety. 

Want to see INKY in Action?

Wizer's Founder and CEO, Gabriel Friedlander sat with INKY's CEO Dave Bagget to get a detailed walkthrough of how the solution works.


And as mentioned, INKY users gain access to Wizer’s popular micro-learning security awareness training videos, as well as Phishing Simulation and Phishing Exercises. Empower your team to crush phishing scams with the combined strength of real-time alerts and top-notch training, they'll spot suspicious links before even thinking about clicking. Boost your organization's scam-spotting superpowers!

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