Wizer's Phishing Response Game for Security Awareness Training

Wizer is excited to introduce our newly redesigned Phishing game that lets your employees dive into the world of business email compromise and wire fraud in a safe and non-threatening environment.
In this harmless yet eye-opening experience, they’ll navigate 10 randomized templates, each designed to simulate different phishing and fraud scams. As they play, they’ll need to figure out what they would have done in real life.

phishing Game Demo

What's New?

20 new templates imitating scams such as Vendor Invoice change requests, Slack email notifications, gift cards, and more. The game uses 10 templates at random keeping learning simple and fast while changing it up for each user with the possibility to run the game more than once with different scenarios.
Interactive answers that go beyond "yes" or "no". Rather than having employees identify if an email is a phish or not, we challenge them to determine a course of action to encourage not only awareness but positive security habits. 
4 possible responses include: Call & Verify; Check Official App; Report Phishing; Looks Legit. Each answer is accompanied by a brief explanation of why that response may or may not be ideal for the specific scenario.
Detailed feedback for each scenario as to what in the email may or may not be phishing flags and why. These short walk-through explanations promote deeper understanding and awareness to enable them to apply the knowledge to different real-life scenarios in the future.
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