October 2022: New Security Awareness Content

We have been busy adding more content to our Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Here is a collection of what's new in October. 


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Criminals go after personal accounts because they are typically less secure. Whether that is sending sensitive work documents from your personal email or using your work email to register for a personal app, if you mix personal and work emails and are hacked, there is a good chance they will use this information to initiate an attack on your company. 


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 Real Life Stories


" I was trying to be cooperative but my heart was racing! They said that there’s an arrest warrant under my name and gave me a number to call. I asked them for more information and they said that I will get it in the mail, however if I want to speed things up I can pay to expedite the process."




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Cyber Security Awareness Funny Memes

Our collection of cyber security memes that will make you laugh, cry, and fear for your online privacy. 


Security Awareness Content

How We Made Our Viral Commercial

If you are thinking about creating a commercial, let us be the first to tell you that it’s a WILD ride so buckle up! Amazing, crazy, cool - yeah. But also, completely insane! 

What people don’t see is how much WORK goes on behind the scenes for a mere 2-minute video. Of course, it’s all worth it in the end when you have the finished product but getting there is a tough job. Since our motto is “sharing is caring,” we’re going to give you the exact breakdown of how we made our viral commercial. 



Lessons Learned Interviews 

Every week, we interview a community member from our LinkedIn Security Awareness Managers group for their hard-learned lessons from working in the industry. 


What Wizer's Been Up To

We’ve been busy this past quarter! From launching a viral commercial to optimizing the learner console, Wizer CEO, Founder and Favorite Plumber, Gaby Friedlander, gives us all the exciting details of what we've been up and what’s to come in our mission of making online safety a basic life skill for everyone!



No More Hackers In Hoodies

"When we walk in as cybersecurity professionals and tell employees that they need to be very afraid, that is a counter to the way they look at technology. Rather than setting ourselves up to try to counteract what they know as all these positives [with technology], we have to lean into that same optimism, lean into that same positivity…and use it to our advantage.”

Security awareness doesn't have to come from fear. Using a positive approach actually has a stronger and longer impact. So how do we go about that? Lisa Plaggemier, Executive Director at the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a non-profit established in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, shares her insights with us. 

 Calling All Security Awareness Managers 

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We invite you to connect with Security Awareness Managers in this private LinkedIn community hosted by Wizer.  Join our weekly virtual huddle groups or hop on a LIVE interview with a community member to discover their hard-learned lessons of creating and running security awareness programs. 


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