What's Wizer Been Up To?

The whole Wizer crew has been busy this past quarter and we're excited to share what we've been up to to further our mission of making online safety a basic life skill for every person in today's digitally connected world. Catch our conversation with Wizer's CEO, Founder and plumber, Gaby Friedlander, or read the recap below.


Our Shiny New Commercial!

If you follow us on LinkedIn, chances are good you already saw our first, professionally produced commercial that went viral on LinkedIn! It is really hitting all the right chords with our audience and we couldn't be happier!
As Wizer is growing we felt it was time to 'hit the gas' with getting our name out there and the commercial was a great start. Not only because of the great traction it's making but because it provided a new opportunity to learn about a different way to make content.
As Gaby shared, "I think it was also a great experience for us on how to improve because we're a company that creates content, right? That's what we do. So you're always looking for new formats and new methods and new actors and new thinking. And what I always say when I talk about content, in general, is that security awareness doesn't have to be boring.
[I ask myself] "how come advertisers know how to get people to go out, buy something within 30 seconds", right? Like they spend millions and they have people that are so optimized in delivering a message that resonates? And when it comes to security awareness, we want people to enable multifactor authentication and we find it hard [but] it shouldn't take very long and it should be engaging.
So this commercial was really a good practice for us as well as a company."

New Video Formats

"So we're working on a few new formats, and I'm really excited about them. That's the fun part of our job - to come up with  new ideas, like it's a new season of episodes."
Everyone learns differently and as such Wizer has currently three different formats for our micro-learning - whiteboard animations, real-life stories dramatized, and our show-and-tell. But we're looking to take it to the next level.
Our new video formats will explore the mindset of a criminal and portray the different types of criminals that are out there because that affects how they pick their targets - some focus on individuals, others on big companies, some are part of organized crimes and others are just bored teenagers.
Helping people understand the 'mind of a criminal' will also help remove some of the disconnects many have thinking they are not a target. Follow us on LinkedIn to be updated when they are live!

Learner Console

We want to let you in on a little secret....at Wizer we focus more on the employee experience than we do on the admin experience. Why? It's critical to our mission as Gaby states "I'm sorry but you know, we really need to make sure that employees are gaining value from this training - and part of it is the overall experience."
While there was certainly nothing bad about the employee console previously -no one complained - but we knew we could make it better, so we built a new Learner's Console.
The new console is not only beautiful but it takes the Learner on a journey, if you will giving the learner a visual representation of the progress made, making it easy to leave and return at any moment along the learning path.
It's three-quarters of the way and the last bit is slated to launch soon. This last part of the experience includes the gamification elements that are designed to motivate learners to complete training fast as well as opt-in to optional trainings. While gamification isn't motivating for everyone, it definitely drives engagement for a good portion of the population and anything we can do to help businesses motivate their employees to get excited about security awareness learning is what we want to achieve.

"I truly believe that online safety - learning about online safety - is a personal benefit to each employee...For people to experience that, it can't look like a compliance app. You have to break through that. You have to make it more social, more fun, and more entertaining, not a task you need to complete. So the message is not only in the video, the message is in the user experience."

Get a quick tour of the new Learner Console below:

Community for security awareness Managers

Supporting security awareness professionals furthers our mission to spread online safety knowledge to individuals and businesses alike. As such, we created a community to do just that.

Our Manager's Hub provides security awareness resources that are crowdsourced from the members. While we share plenty of Wizer's own simple, short content from PDFs, Infographics, Training Slide Decks, and more, we also share content from other vendors - anything that is open to the public and gives value to help professionals do their job better.

Do you have a great resource you rely on or created something yourself? Submit it to the community here.

Our weekly virtual meetups are designed as a low-key opportunity to not only network with others tasked to run the security awareness program but provides a platform to discuss, troubleshoot, and celebrate current issues within a program.

More than one member has mentioned they view the time as their "therapy session" being able to share and lament current challenges. Subscribe to our weekly updates here to get more details.

Live stream conversations are held bi-weekly via LinkedIn Live where we speak with different members across cybersecurity focusing on learning from insights across the global community. Also, we interview professionals with other skills you may need in your varied role as a security awareness professional on topics like establishing yourself as a thought leader on social and how to create videos that have an impact. Sign up to our weekly updates to know what's in the cue!

Recordings and recaps can be accessed here.