December 2023: New Security Awareness Content

Check out December's latest content in the library plus resources for you as a security awareness professional.

New Annual Security Awareness Training!

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Keep your annual security awareness training fresh and up-to-date with our newest addition for 2024: Annual Training Level 3!

Give employees updated security measures and latest trends while refreshing their cyber savvy with new perspectives.

Level up your team's security game for the coming year!

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Importance of Software Updates

In a contest, which would you rather have, ancient tools or modern technology? Not keeping devices and apps updated is similar to protecting yourself with ancient tools while cyber criminals leverage all the shiny advances of modern and updated tech.

Help employees understand why keeping devices and software regularly updated is an important part of their security hygiene.

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What Is Social Engineering?

Tech dazzles, but let's talk about the real game-changer: social engineering. It's the cyber criminal's express lane to breach an organization. Get ready, folks – we're unveiling the scenarios, from sly phone calls to crafty texts and emails. 

Introduce employees to the different possibilities to help them spot those red flags and be the defenders of our cyber realm!

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I Got Scammed By A Parking Meter!

Beware, not all parking meters are harmless! Or rather, the QR codes stuck to them. Unveiling a real-life story we've dramatized to spotlight the tricky side of QR code scams. It's time to stay sharp! Vigilance is the key to safety in our tech-driven world!

Share this eye-opener of a video to fortify your staff against the sneaky tricks lurking behind those seemingly innocent squares. 

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What Every Developer MUST KNow About PCI DSS 4.0

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In true Wizer fashion, our blog breaks down the latest PCI DSS 4.0 requirements in plain English to help your developer team know what they need to do to get compliant without all the jargon. A quick reference PDF is also included to keep handy.


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Latest CTF Breakdown: IDOR Vulnerability

In this challenge, we're taking a closer look at an IDOR vulnerability in the code below. These issues are incredibly common and can pose a huge risk! Check out our takeaway's to learn what to keep in mind to protect against these types of vulnerabilities and send to your developer team.
Developer Edition

New Capture The Flag Challenge Is Live!

Round up your dev team and challenge them with our latest CTF - it's a light, mild challenge to ease new comers into it. Our CTFs – are a great workout for developers to master the art of thinking like a hacker. These challenges aren't exclusive; they're open to all, equipping you with the skills to fortify your code against vulnerabilities and build a robust defense.

Ready to level up your coding game?

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Stay Cyber Safe During This Holiday Shopping Season Online

Shopping online, whether it's Black Friday, the Christmas rush, or any day of the year, brings the challenge of deciphering between real and fake advertisements, websites, and emails. With millions of deceptive traps lurking, our Online Shopping Safety Kit is your crash course in cybersecurity, arming you with the skills to protect both your employee's hard-earned money and personal data in the digital marketplace.

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Phishing Template Series: Year Wrap Up

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As we wrap up the year, let's take a look back at the phishing simulation templates we've delved into throughout our monthly series. For those orchestrating phishing programs, it's crucial to grasp the 'why' behind each template selection. We're not just about testing clicks; we're about empowering campaigns with purpose. Let's make sure every scenario chosen goes beyond the surface, making a real impact on understanding and strengthening our defenses."