2024 New Security Awareness Annual Training!

New year is around the corner which means we have a new annual security awareness training ready to go for 2024! Keep your employees in the loop with the latest security measures as well as provide a refresher of best practices from new perspectives to dodge the 'yawn' of mandatory training and keep employees engaged.

New Annual Lv 3 ThumbnailOur newest Level 3 continues to build employees' security mindset along with introducing the latest Mobile, AI, and Cloud security threats and risk to be aware of!

We open it up by diving into some fundamental principles of cybersecurity to set the stage for following lessons on scams to look for and steps to stay safer. Keep reading for a taste of this year's highlights for keeping your team on top of digital threats in 2024.

Social Engineering In The Era Of AI & Deepfakes

Keep your employees' cybersavvy up with the ever-changing technology they interact with on a daily basis. Our Level 3 Annual Security Awareness training incorporates several lessons around the many tools cyber criminals have and how they can wield them against us weaving psychological and emotional tactics. Your team will be better prepared in understanding how to avoid voice cloning and QR code scams, securely use AI tools and widgets, as well as learn tips for protecting their families from these tactics, too.  

Staying On Top of Mobile Safety

In the age of on-the-go work, it's crucial to tackle the unique security challenges that come with our beloved mobile devices. To keep your employees smartphone secure, we lay out the risks of giving default app permissions and ways to shore up their privacy settings as well as emphasizing that there's no safe way to store passwords in clear text, regardless how clever they think they may be. 

Data Privacy and Protection

Cloud Drive Security ThumbnailIn the world of cloud storage and countless widgets and AI apps to streamline work, protecting data has never been more tricky. Help employees understand some of the risks inherent in using these tools while giving them some clear guidelines to knowing how to protect sensitive data.

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