November 2023: New Security Awareness Content

Here are the highlights from November's latest content both in the library and resources for you as a security awareness professional.



The Tin Can Heist: A Wire Fraud PSA

Did you catch our latest PSA about wire fraud? In the same spirit as our Kids Password Safety PSA, this will have you sucked in to see what happens and a chuckle at the end.

But that's not all! Get our Wire Fraud Prevention Kit - aka Crash Course - to share with friends and family to help everyone level up their savvy to stay safe against these types of scams.

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New Security Awareness Training Videos


What's The Basics of Risk Management In a Nutshell?

Online safety is not all about you! At least not when it comes to managing risks for yourself, your family, and the company you work for. So how can non-tech savvy individuals learn how to manage those risks? That's what our latest video aims to help people think through before taking certain online actions.

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Are In-App Notifications 100% Reliable?

Usually we tell people to check the app for suspicious notifications received via email but what happens when the app itself is sending you a notice that seems off - do you still trust it? This month's real life story walks through just that scenario. It's a good reminder to your team to stay on their toes and not rely 100% on any method but rather verify if something seems off.


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Speaking of New....

Send Our Latest CTF Breakdown To Your Dev Team!

We admit, this challenge is pretty tricky. We identify two vulnerabilities, which should be used in order to capture the flag. The first one is an SQL Injection (a.k.a. SQLi), and the second is the use of a weak hashing algorithm, which is a specific case of Cryptographic Failure.
CTF New Challenge

New Capture The Flag Challenge Is Live!

Round up your dev team and challenge them with our latest CTF - it's a little spicey but everyone's welcome to try their skills! Our CTFs are a great exercise for developers to learn to think like a hacker so they can understand how to build stronger code to defend against vulnerabilities. These CTFs are open to everyone.

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The Perfect Gift To Spread Cyber Cheer

WizerWear is the official store of Wizer Training designed for cybersecurity awareness swag! Celebrate your employees or simply share cyber savvy in your day-to-day with those you meet with our new line of tshirts, hoodies, and hats.

With designs for the Chief Family Security Officer, Top Phisher, CyberBoss, #1CyberDefender and more. Each month we'll feature a new design!

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On The Blog

Phishing Template Series: November Edition

Phishing-2 (2)

Black Friday teasers too good to be true, mysterious tagged mentions in a meeting transcript, and interrupted Spotify service that we so desperately depend on to get into the work zone are covered in this month's batch of phishing email examples and more. Use them for live trainings as part of your presentation or run them in your phishing simulations.