Happy New Year From Wizer

Last year was an eventful year as Wizer added a ton of new content and features. Even more exciting changes in 2021!

In 2020, Wizer

This Year, Wizer Is

  • Working with TikTok and Instagram content creators in order to create new and even more creative videos

  • Launching an all-new phishing simulation tool with a calendar that offers phishing emails based on time of year. For example, January would include phishing emails that are tax-based, corporate policies, days off, etc. Best of all, Chris Roberts will be creating these templates. Text in some of the phishing emails will also be customizable!

  • Continuing to add new features and engaging training to make Wizer the best Security Awareness Training solution while keeping it easy to use!

Wizer is a for-profit organization, however our give back to the community business model resulted in strong word of mouth marketing that allowed us to grow fast as a business. Thank you for joining us on our mission to make online safety a basic life skill. I can’t wait to talk and collaborate with you this coming year. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Happy New Year!
Gabriel Friedlander