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We created this page as a public service with videos and guides in plain English to help you and your team work from home securely.


Short Videos

A series of 1-minute long videos - because the attention span of children is very short


Work From Home Guides

Cyber Security Polices, Procedures, and Technology Guides for the work from home employee


Work From Home Platform

Simply educate your employees to work from home securely


Work From Home Guides

Work From Home Security Guide

Work From Home Security Guide

What can companies do to address the risk of people using their personal computers and home networks to access sensitive data.

Employee - Work From Home Security Policy Flip-Book 

This Employee Security Policy flip-book is easy to consume and gets right to the point.

Work From Home - Employee Security Policy FLIP-BOOK
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Keep Smart Devices on a Separate WiFi Network

Setup a Wifi network just for your Smart Devices, so in case your TV was hacked they can’t connect to your computer.

No Better Time to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

This adds another layer of protection in case your password is stolen.

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Zoom - Security Guide

Zoom - Security Guide

Find out how to use Zoom securely and protect your meetings from unwelcome guests!

Work From Home Platform


Video Training

Start with teaching employees how to avoid being tricked by cyber criminals.

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Game on! A mix of phishing and regular emails are displayed to the users. Can they spot which is which?

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Phishing Simulation

Simulate a phishing attack and see how well employees are trained to spot these attacks.

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