Zoom. Protecting Your Meeting - Security Guide!

By Gabriel Friedlander

I posted the following question on LinkedIn, “What can companies do to address the risk of people using their personal computers and home networks to access sensitive data?”. And many of you responded; your suggestions were a treasure trove!
Zoom - Security Guide

Free Download: Zoom - Security Guide!

Download Guide (PDF)

1. Enable Waiting Rooms

Standard User: https://zoom.us/profile/setting
Admin: https://zoom.us/account/setting 
Waiting Room

Control who can join the meeting. Users wait in a virtual waiting room until you approve them.

2. Require Password When Joining by Phone

Reqire Password

Unfortunately, this option is off by default... so turn it on!

3. Do Not Use a Personal Meeting ID

Meeting ID

4. Lock Meeting When Everybody Is In

Zoom Meeting Room

Meeting Room

5. Enable Virtual Background

Zoom -> Preferences


Free Download: Zoom - Security Guide!

Download Guide (PDF)

A Few More Recommendations

  • Always require a password

  • Disable file transfer

  • Mute participants upon entry

  • Screen sharing - Host Only

  • Require a password for Personal Meeting ID (PMI)