Why DOES a Nation State Want to Hack MY Company?

This was a truly awesome webinar, for real though! So, why would a nation state want to attack you? Well, your company may act as a gateway to other organizations or you might have access to sensitive data. Economic security is national security - wars are not only fought only on the battle field, they moved to Wall Street and Main Street. If you have money, power, and resources, these are the same things nation states like to collect. These are just some of the "whys" but truly, the answer will always be...Why not? 

Listen and discover what industry leaders are doing to protect the companies and teams they serve and why. Get the inside scoop on why you should steer clear of security companies that advertise that they can keep your business safe 100% of the time, and get even more tips on how to strategize your risk mitigation plan.

The conversation is light, engaging, and relatable to everyone. Future webinars are already being planned to continue the conversation and you won't want to miss those!

Thanks to Wizer’s hacker, Chris Roberts who did an amazing job moderating this webinar and to our panelists: