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By Chris on May 10, 2020 12:30:28 AM

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Hello all,

Welcome to the landing page for the LinkedIn crossword puzzles that we’re putting out every weekend.

The plan is to release a NEW puzzle every Sunday (Here and LinkedIn...so bookmark this page) AND then put the solution to the prior week down below (With the week number AND title.)

This Week's Crossword

Solution to Last Week's Crossword

There are several reasons FOR doing the puzzles, not least of all is it’s a welcome distraction from the chaotic world we all seem to be occupying these days. However aside from the distraction there is some logic for those of us who are getting grayer and advancing in age. There’s a study (or two) out there showing that those who regularly engaged in word puzzles showed cognition levels equal to someone 10 years younger than them, particularly when it came to testing grammar skills and short-term memory ability. In fact, the more often a person did a puzzle, the better they performed on the executive function tests.

So, aside from being a welcome weekend distraction, a means to train and engage in safety and security it IS giving the brain some exercise and potentially keeping us firing on all cylinders for a little longer…

So, with that, enjoy the latest puzzle AND answers below!


This Week's Crossword

Week3: Vintage Technology




Solution to last week's crossword 

Week2: Work From Home 2020 Edition:

Crossword-2 Solution


Week1: Information Security 101 

Crossword-1 Solution-1



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Written by Chris

Chris is currently serving as a vCISO or advisor for a number of entities and organizations around the globe. His most recent projects are focused within the deception, identity, cryptography, and services space. Over the years, he's founded or worked with a number of organizations specializing in OSINT/SIGING/HUMINT research, intelligence gathering, cryptography, and deception technologies. These days he’s working on spreading the risk, maturity, collaboration and communication word across the industry. (Likely while coding his EEG driven digital clone that’s monitoring his tea and biscuit consumption!)