Security Awareness Cash Cab - Time Square

Wizer Crew was having fun this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ We were playing Security Awareness Cash Cab in Times Square while raising awareness. This one was Hilarious! I just loved how she explained back what is social engineering once she got it. This just shows how far we are with communicating with others. The fact that we think everyone knows our techie terms is both funny and sad. Iโ€™m going to steal this one from her :) This was a fun day for the Wizer Crew, stay tuned... more to come.


Wizer in The City - The Transcript 

Would either one of you like to win some money answering some questions about cybersecurity to test your knowledge.

So we're going to begin our Cybersecurity challenge game.

You have three chances to win money on three questions.

They're going to increase in difficulty, but do your best.

Okay, question number one. And this is very important for your old Instagram account.

What is multifactor authentication?

That's when it asks you for two different verification

Correct? Yes!

What is social engineering?

I'm guessing it has to do with sort of the coding, but of the social media and maybe hackers can get in through the coding.

Congratulations.You're wrong :)

So that was a good guess, though. 

So social engineering is any means by which someone is trying to trick you, deceive you or confuse you to get your personal information. 

So that includes gaslighting you? Yeah.

They're like digitally gaslighting you.

That was a great explanation.

We're going to steal that for the future.

It's a digital Gaslight.

It's either through fishing, spam calls, spam text messages, someone's trying to trick you into giving away your personal information so they can get into your account.

Can you be hacked if you are not connected to the Internet, like through your phone? If your phone has no connection to the Internet at all, can a scammer still find a way to hack you?


How do you think?

I guess through the cloud.

Through the cloud. So cloud requires Internet.

I'm going to give it to you because you said yes.

That is correct.

You're totally right.

So I'm going to give you like a scenario.You're going to the club, right? It's Friday night, you're feeling good, you're going to the club. Your Uber arrives, your phone is at 23%.

Oh, no.

You see a charging cord. Are you going to plug in?

Yeah, of course.

Anyone would charge your phone, right?


So you're going to plug in? Of course.

Unfortunately, scammers love to put little tiny microchips inside of USB ports, charging cords or other infrastructure that people use publicly to charge their phones. And through that, they can install keylogging applications on your phone, malware they can get at your bank statements, everything.

You didn't know that?

No, I knew. Like at gas stations, like, well, I don't pump my own gas.

But you're from Jersey.

You don't pump your own gas.

No, but I know a gas agents.

Sometimes people will take the thing and pull it to make sure that there's not like a chip reader.

But I didn't know that they could do it in charging ports.

Charging ports, anything that you can plug into your phone via a USB Port or the FireWire ports or any of that, they can install applications on your phone through those ports.

That's crazy.

It's nuts, right?

Yeah, that's so crazy.

So are you ever going to charge your phone and like an airport or an Uber ever again.

Not don't know now.

I have no clue. That's a good answer.

Depends on how desperate I am.

I guess it depends on who she's meeting at the club, right?

Yeah. Right.