May 2022: New Security Awareness Content

We have been busy adding more content to our CyberSecurity Awareness Training. Here is a collection of what's new in May. 


Real Life Stories


"Why would an airline need me to verify my identity through a cryptocurrency app? They blew past my question to clarify, instead telling me that they would help with the process - all I had to do was download a remote access app which would allow them to control my device."


"My SnapChat was hacked and my entire folder of saved memories was leaked all over the internet. I’m talking “for your eyes only” type of stuff. I don’t need to tell you that I absolutely freaked out and my girlfriend was sobbing from humiliation."


Security Awareness Training Videos


Social Login is probably the most common login method among everyday users. However, the problem is more than just the fact that a single password is used across different sites - many users also unknowingly grant 3-party apps access to their personal data. Here are 3 tips to ensure you're staying as cyber safe as possible when using social login.

Wizer In The City

We hit the streets of NYC to test people's cybersecurity awareness knowledge with a Cyber Security Cash Cab. Hear what they had to say about getting hacked offline and their definition of social engineering.


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On The Blog



What Google Knows About Me

Wanna have a good scare? Go to to find out what Google knows about you. While you can export all this data and save it locally, so can the person that hacks your account. Here's everything they would get access to.

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Security Awareness Training Cheat Sheet

In this comprehensive cybersecurity awareness cheat sheet, learn cyber security awareness basics, tips for avoiding phishing and ransomware, password security and multi-factor authentication and proper procedure and policies. Download the PDF version and share with your employees.

And be sure to check out more CyberSecurity Awareness Program materials like our Security Awareness Training Powerpoint in our Training Hub. 

Lessons Learned Webinars 

Every week, we interview a community member from our LinkedIn Security Awareness Managers group for their hard-learned lessons from working in the industry. 


Building An Award Winning Security Awareness Program

To kick off the LinkedIn Live "Lessons Learned" series, the power team at Carrier led by Dennis Legori and Paula West share the learnings from their successful - and award-winning - cybersecurity awareness program that they built at the height of the pandemic. 



Human Factors In Security Awareness

In this LinkedIn Live, Robin Bylenga, the Human Factor Performance Lead at Scoutbee, shares what are human factors and how does that affect performance in cyber security, all while reminding us that the best practice is to "know your people!"


Security Awareness In Oil & Gas

In this LinkedIn Live, Brent Forrest, Field CISO and vCISO Lead at Flair Data, shares his insights on building a cyber security awareness program in the oil and gas sector as well as the current issues in how Information Security has been handled and applied in this industry.


Calling All Security Awareness Managers 

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We invite you to connect with Security Awareness Managers in this private LinkedIn community hosted by Wizer.  Join our weekly virtual huddle groups or hop on a LIVE interview with a community member to discover their hard-learned lessons of creating and running cybersecurity awareness programs. 

You could be the next victim of a cyber attack, but don't wait until it's too late — watch our free cyber security awareness video that covers how you can increase your security and improve your online privacy.



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