March & April 2023: New Product Updates

We have been busy updating and adding new product features to our CyberSecurity Awareness Training. Here is a collection of what's new from March and April. 

New & Improved Phishing Game!

Wizer is excited to introduce our newly redesigned Phishing game that lets your employees dive into the world of business email compromise and wire fraud in a safe and non-threatening environment. Get a quick demo below. 


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Bragging Rights for Employees

Gamified Challenge-1

Challenge Learners to complete training faster with exclusive Golden Certificates giving them bragging rights among their team and ways for you to recognize them for their efforts.
Now when new training is assigned and an employee hits all Gold milestones along their learning journey according to the accelerated "Gold" path, they're recognized with a Golden Certificate instead of the standard blue. These are great for them to use for bragging rights among security awareness champions or to simply acknowledge them for a job well done.

Track the Trends in Your Phishing Sims

Overview tab

Get a bird's eye view of the trends across a period of time to easily visualize phishing campaigns seeing email opens, clicks, and reports at a glance.

Gain Insights by Comparing Performance

History Tab-1

Monthly videos are a feature everyone loves to use for supporting a security mindset, now track the activity of these videos and compare how engaged employees are from month to month.


Run Progressive Phishing Campaigns

Difficulty Rating

Create more effective and progressive phishing campaigns that match a Learner group's specific level and easily identify which templates are recommended for different levels.