Product Announcement 2022 - New Employee Learner Console



Wizer's New CyberSecurity Awareness Learner Console

This Thursday (September 1st 2022), we are launching a major update to the Wizer Employee Learner Console! This is part of a new gamification experience we are rolling out. 

PHASE 1: Coming this week, it will include a fresh new look and feel with an enhanced way to learn.

PHASE 2: To be released later this year, it will include gamified elements, like trophies and golden certificates, that will help motivate your team to engage with the training more than ever. 

We will also display this video (above) to your employees next time they log in to the new learner console to help them get oriented.

Keep in mind that the Admin Console hasn’t changed. This update is only for the Employee Learner Console.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions. Just send an email to