One of these was completely written by Ai. Which one is it?

Version 1

“Multi-factor authentication requires two or more factors for verification before granting access to an account. For example, if you have your username and password, but also need a code sent to your phone via SMS message or Google Authenticator app on your smartphone before logging in, then you are using multi-factor authentication.”

Version 2

“Multi-factor authentication is when you need to type in a code after you enter your password to finish logging in. This code is either sent to your phone or generated by an app that creates new codes every few seconds. This way, even if your password was stolen, they don’t have that second code to get in.”

I posted this on LinkedIn yesterday and as of writing this post, it is almost a 50/50 split.

This is amazing. It just shows how advanced AI is in writing from scratch. Actually, Bloomberg said 3 years ago that almost a 3rd of their articles are written by artificial intelligence! I can’t imagine how many are written by AI today. 

For my experiment I used but there are many others including that also provide great results. I basically provided the AI with only the topic - “Multi Factor Authentication” and it did the rest. You can choose from different options like email, Blog Post, Ad copy, and so on. I selected this topic because I thought Multi Factor Authentication is a great topic to raise awareness of, and this could be a great way to get people interested :).  Lastly, I wanted to test the AI on something a bit more technical. 

Before announcing the "Winner" - Please help raise awareness to the importance of enabling Multi Factor Authentication by SHARING this Multi Factor Authentication Quick Guide. It includes a cheat sheet for 15 common apps, videos and more.

Ok, so which one was written by an AI? And the WINNER is… Version #1  

This was a tricky question. Grammatically  version #1 was better, but it was also was a little wordy, which is more typical to how some people write. Also, technically version #1 was more accurate, because MFA “requires two or more” while Version #2 only talked about 2 factors - a password and a code and the tone is more conversational. Having said that, neither of the versions are a completely accurate definition of MFA, but that was also part of the test. Will people choose based on accuracy, grammar, tone, ect…  

Many of us are using AI without even thinking about it, take for example tools like auto correct or Grammar Checkers, however, keep in mind that these tools come with risk. After all, the way they fix your grammar is by sending everything you type to the cloud to analyze. They are basically keyloggers. 

Watch this video that I created about this topic.


So, how many of the articles we read online were written by people vs robots, and what does it mean about the future of copywriters… will that job still exist in the future? 

Lastly, a question for you - How much of this article did I actually write vs an AI :)

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