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By Anne Hart on Apr 29, 2020 3:01:29 PM

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The Wizer Team has been busy behind the scenes creating even more short and to the point security awareness videos for you to enjoy. Take a look at our most recent and don't forget, sharing is caring!


But seriously, can I? The Coronavirus is being used to reel in unsuspecting victims and tricking them into clicking on bad links and in some cases, getting money! So far, I have been promised that I can lose 10 lbs quickly and feed my cat for just $1.00.

Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. The best thing you can do, is get ahead of them by equipping ourselves with fabulous knowledge on what to look out for. Click on the video and in just a little over a minute, we'll show you how.


Nothing says you love your parents and grandparents more than a video to show them how much you care about their online safety. Unfortunately, scammers are targeting them during the pandemic. Watch  to see how they're doing it. 


Calling all Help Desk, Customer Service, and Call Center Stars...that's right, you're important. 
Did you know that not every caller actually needs help and that some of them are out to gain access to your customers' accounts? 

Maybe you have a great idea for a new video or would like to give us feedback on these ones. If so, send us an email to community@wizer-training.com

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Anne Hart
Written by Anne Hart

I have a strong technology administration, design, and training background and have joined Wizer as the Marketing Manager to help promote and offer free security awareness training across the globe.