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Verify. Then Trust

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It's been drilled into our heads for years. Trust but Verify. BUT HOLD ON JUST A SECOND! What's wrong with this picture? Why in the world would we ever want to trust and then verify? I certainly wouldn't trust my nephew had his driver's license and tell him he could borrow the car. What am I supposed to do, wait until he gets back to see if he actually has his license...or worse...wait until he gets into a fender bender?

I don't think so. 

So...we're changing it. Forget what you've learned. Its Verify. Then Trust. Watch the video above to find out more and then go tell everyone that they've been doing it wrong this whole time. 

Mobile App Security

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If you're going to continue to add really cool apps to your mobile devices, you'll want to continue to update your cybersecurity awareness for them. It just doesn't get any easier than that. Here's the math:

New Apps, updates, and features = New problems and risks for your cyber well being.


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Are you sharing too much online? Which things are okay to share and which things are not? The more we share, the more we need to invest in our defense but the best way is to share less. 

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