May 2024: New Security Awareness Content

New wizer Video Release | March 2024


Code Fu For Your Dev Team

Transform your developers into 'code fu' warriors by training them to think like attackers, fortify their code with robust defense techniques, and engage them in hands-on Capture-The-Flag (CTF) games that simulate real-world security challenges. 

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Callback Phishing Alert

Are you a pro at spotting phishing links? Awesome! Unfortunately though,cyber criminals are now conducting sneakier phishing attacks that don’t start with a bad link. Help your employees find out how to stay alert against these tricky scams.

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What Is PII?

Have you ever thought a birth date and zip code can reveal your identity? Turns out, it can! Show employees how even small details can be risky when put together- and when it comes to personal info, sharing less is best.

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I Got Accused of Posting Hate Speech

Imagine finding your social media account is hacked and you’ve been accused of posting hate speech, despite a strong password and 2FA 😱

This true story will help your team understand that security extends beyond passwords and multi-factor authentication. App and browser extension installations directly impact your security, too.

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Beware of Real Estate Wire Fraud

On closing day for your house you learn the lawyer never got the payment that you sent him a few days earlier! Walk employees through the dangers of hacked service providers and ways to minimize falling victim of wire fraud and email thread hijacking with this real life story.

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Your Security Awareness Plan: Taking Cyber To The Streets

Month 5 of our Security Awareness Plan is all about proactively engaging our COMMUNITY by bringing the discussion to the streets (or office hallways). 
 Watch Anastasia Edwards share  her initiatives and learn tips for how you can  apply them to your own setting.

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Latest CTF Breakdown #21: DOM Clobbering 

Give your developers insights on identifying an XSS (Cross-site Scripting) vulnerability enabled by a DOM Clobbering (window variable shadowing) highlighting 3 issues with this particular code.

Share this with your development team to help them continue to #CodeWizer.

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Top 5 Phishing Simulation Templates - March Edition

New phishing templates are available to use in a phishing simulation. Boost customers can find them in the Wizer library here or download a PDF to highlight these types of scenarios during in-person training.


wizer-reads-tnWizer Reads: Curated Reading For The Whole Family

Who doesn't love to curl up with a good book or holding your little one and explore a new world together? To encourage a cyber savvy mindset as part of the day-to-day, we've curated a book list that can delight toddlers and inform senior citizens along with every age inbetween with a cybersecurity theme.

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