February 2024: New Security Awareness Content

Check out our latest content from February, and discover some awesome resources crafted just for you as a security awareness pro!

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App Admin Security

Do your employees truly grasp the authority of being an app administrator? Are they equipped to harness its full potential securely? Give them a crash course in the art of wielding their app admin power in a cyber-savvy way with our latest video.

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 I SO Regret Forwarding This Email…

Have you ever fallen for a LinkedIn phishing trap? Watch as a seemingly harmless referral turns into a cybersecurity catastrophe. One wrong click, and HR's inbox becomes ground zero for malware. Don't let your trust become a cybercriminal’s weapon. Educate your employees onthis particularly deceptive tactic of email impostors.

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Security Awareness Resource Roundup

Dive into the art of nurturing a passion for cyber safety in organizations. It’s your job to foster workplaces where cybersecurity isn't just understood, but cherished. Yet, this isn’t very easy. Fear not! We've got the tools to fuel your employees’ romance with cyber safety.

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What Your Organization Needs to Know About Complying With PCI DSS 4.0

Dive into the world of PCI DSS 4.0! With 400+ requirements, new challenges await, especially in developer security training. Whether you handle credit card data as a merchant or service provider, get some essential insights below.

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 Wizer Panel: Is My Code Secure?

Are your developers overlooking security risks? While most today grasp security basics like OWASP Top 10, depth is often lacking. Developers focus on efficiency and functionality, not vulnerabilities. Our latest panel explores the crucial need for developers to deepen their security understanding as well as some of the challenges involved.

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Latest CTF Breakdown #15: A Tricky SQL Injection 

Explore the challenge of identifying an SQL Injection in our latest CTF takeaway! We start with a code introducing a simple login process for an app - seems straightforward but we’ll soon unravel the vulnerabilities lurking. 

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