March 2024: New Security Awareness Content

New wizer Video Release | March 2024

Be Careful What You Copy/Paste!

One innocent copy/paste from an online template led an employee to send a phishing link to their company accidentally. Our newest video reveals the dangers of innocently copying/pasting a handy resource.

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Watch Out For Fake Software Downloads!

You get a fake watch from a store, you're out a little cash but if you download fake software, you've opened up a whole can of worms. Raise awareness around this topic for your team to minimize the risks.

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Your Security Awareness Plan: Engaging with AI

Month 3 is all about driving ENGAGEMENT for your Security Awareness Plan with a hot topic - Gen AI. 

 Gaby and James Mountford share creative ideas to drive internal engagement and raise awareness about critical topics.

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Top 5 Phishing Simulation Templates - March Edition

New phishing templates are available to use in a phishing simulation (already added to the library for our Boost customers) or for PDF download to highlight these types of scenarios during in-person training.




Latest CTF Breakdown #17: Path Traversal 

Explore a UI and an endpoint of a simple "Privacy Policy Viewer'' to find the endpoint's potential Directory Traversal vulnerability. Help developers see in real-life applications what can happen when user input isn't properly sanitized.

Share this with your developer team to help them continue to #CodeWizer.

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annual-training-level3-italian-tn-1NEW Level 3 Training - now in Italian

We’re excited to announce that Annual Training Level 3 is now available in Italian, complete with subtitles and quizzes! 

This is in addition to the French, Dutch, and Spanish Level 3 training, already available now in the app!

Be on the lookout for new Specialized Training on Privacy and Advanced Social Engineering Scams - coming soon!

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