Your Security Awareness Plan: Month 5

Welcome to Month 5 of our 2024 Cybersecurity Training Plan - your free Virtual Security Awareness Manager. This month, we’re focusing on optional content for the family and community.

If you missed Month 1 packed with Annual Training and Monthly Video, you can view it here.

Taking Cybersecurity Awareness To The Streets

Last month we spoke on how to take cybersecurity home, now we’re exploring ways to take it out to the community! We’re excited to host Anastasia Edwards, Security Awareness Professional to get her insights on the creative initiatives she’s working on to bring security awareness to her local community.


Be sure to follow Anastasia on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on her Mobile Cybersecurity Awareness Trailer initiative "Rollin' Cyber" as well as follow her community awareness series for Big Sky Quantum Shield insights.

Family Focused Content  (Optional) 


Continuing with our annual security awareness plan, this month is about demonstrating how cybersecurity awareness is a benefit, not a chore even for our families. 

Providing tips and tools for employees to take home and share with their family and friends is shown to have a positive impact on cultivating a security mindset at work as well. One popular way Wizer does this for our Managed customers is providing an interactive family webinar.

Slides are provided below for you to customize your own such event. Want to see it in action? Watch our CEO & Founder, Gaby Friedlander, present it on our YouTube channel.

Monthly 1.5-Minute Video Updates (Add On)

Keep awareness top of mind without overloading your team with our single, monthly 1.5 min video users receive every month, covering a range of topics that keep everyone updated and informed about new scams or the latest cyber attack trends.

If you have not already, here is how to set up Monthly Video:

  1. Sign into your account on
  2. Follow the directions here to implement Monthly Video

Up Next

During Month 5, we keep it low key with just a monthly video and recommended optional content of a family newsletter.

Don't want to wait for the monthly series to see what's down the road? View or download the full annual security awareness plan here

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